Congratulation to our feature winners from night one of two at our Memorial Day Weekend double header!🏆Up on the Rio Grande Waste Services Victory Lane Saturday, May 26th, we had:

HULSEY RACING INEX LEGENDS – Aydan Saunders – El Paso, TX – #8

ANTHONY SOSA ROOFING LATE MODELS – Devan Smith – Las Cruces, NM – #01

JOHNSTONE SUPPLY SUPER TRUCKS – Christy Barnett – El Paso, TX – #44

S.H. AUTOMOTIVE PURE STOCKS – Jeffrey Maag Jr – Las Cruces, NM – #47

POWRI 360 WING SPRINT CAR DESERT SERIES – Vance Wofford – Alamogordo, NM – #116

Neck and neck battles, heart-stopping collisions, and an overall fun time for friends and family will be again on night two of our Memorial Day Weekend Double Header here at Vado Speedway Park Saturday, May 27th! 🔴⚪🔵