🏁🎉 Vado Speedway Park’s Last Regular Race Night of 2023 – 10/7/23! 🎉🏁
As the regular season races wind down, the excitement at Vado Speedway Park doesn’t! 🌟 A heartfelt THANK YOU to every racer, crew, fan, and volunteer who turned up the Saturday night.
🚑 Our thoughts are with Jacob Masterson. Wishing him a rapid recovery.
🏁 October 7th’s Feature Results 🏁
POWRI Jackson Compaction 305 Winged Sprint Cars:
🥇 Royal Jones – Las Cruces, NM
🥈 Dylan Harris – El Paso, TX
🥉 Wes Wofford – Alamogordo, NM
Hacienda Carpet & Tile USRA X-Mods:
🥇 Hector Barraza – El Paso, TX
🥈 Greg Gorham – Las Cruces, NM
🥉 Jesse Haynie – Las Cruces, NM
Johnstone Supply Super Trucks:
🥇 Christy Barnett – El Paso, TX
🥈 Luis Esquivel – El Paso, TX
🥉 Billy Roy Harris – Deming, NM
Hulsey Racing INEX Legends:
🥇 Aydan Saunders – El Paso, TX
🥈 Cale Riggs – Hatch, NM
🥉 Vanessa Robinson – Las Cruces, NM
S.H. Automotive Pure Stocks:
🥇 Scott Sullivan – Truth or Consequences, NM
🥈 Jimmy Skoog – Alamogordo, NM
🥉 Sharrii Minks – El Paso, TX
👏 Special shoutout to Chuck Jackson on his final career race. And Diego Alvardo, the tracks await your new journey!
🔥 But, hold on to your helmets! We’re just getting started. Join us the weekend of October 20th for the 23rd Annual Rancho Milagro Fall Nationals! It’s going to be legendary!