Hello, Race Fans! Dr. Joaquin Acosta here, ready to bring you an electrifying recap of last night’s action-packed races at Vado Speedway Park! From honoring our military heroes to witnessing jaw-dropping performances on the track, the evening was nothing short of spectacular. Let’s dive into the highlights and relive the excitement!

🏁Setting the Scene

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden hue over our beloved Vado Speedway Park, fans filled the stands, buzzing with anticipation. The air was thick with excitement, and at 94 degrees, the heat wasn’t just coming from the weather but from the engines ready to roar into action. Clouds loomed overhead, but there was no rain in the forecast – only the promise of high-octane thrills and unforgettable moments.

🫡Military Appreciation Night

We began the night with a heartfelt tribute to our military heroes. Active duty members, veterans, and reservists received a standing ovation for their service and sacrifice, reminding us all of the freedom and safety we enjoy thanks to their bravery. A special thanks to all military personnel – your dedication inspires us all.

👀The Drivers to Watch

The night promised fierce competition with some of our top drivers ready to battle it out. The return of the Smith Brothers of Rio Valley Racing and ‘The Professor’ Jake Gallardo of Gallardo Racing from Wisconsin was something to note. Meanwhile, Rob Moseley, pulling double duty in the stock car and A Mod, was another driver to keep an eye on. Moseley’s bold strategy and determination had fans eagerly anticipating his performance in both classes.

💨Track Conditions and Competitions

Dean Nesbit did a phenomenal job preparing the surface, and despite the earlier triple-digit temperatures, the overcast sky and slight breeze made for an ideal racing environment. With clay continuously being added to improve the track, drivers knew they had to adapt quickly to changing conditions, promising intense and unpredictable races.

🏆Spectacular Lineup

From the Pure Stocks to the Late Models, each class was stacked with talent. The S. H. Automotive Pure Stocks, with David Garcia Jr. leading the charge, were set to deliver a thrilling start to the evening. The Hulsey Racing Legends, featuring the formidable Aydan Saunders and the experienced Dusty Riggs, were expected to provide edge-of-your-seat action. And in the Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds, the Smith brothers and Jake Gallardo were back from their intense competition in Wisconsin, ready to prove their mettle on home turf.

🌙A Night of Unmatched Racing

With everything set, the stage was ready for a night of high-speed thrills, strategic maneuvers, and nail-biting finishes. Fans braced themselves for a whirlwind of excitement as engines revved and the green flag waved.

🚘S. H. Automotive Pure Stocks: David Garcia Jr. Triumphs in a Photo Finish

The night kicked off with the S.H. Automotive Pure Stocks, and what a way to start! The competition was fierce from the drop of the green flag. Robert Dominguez and James Skoog led the pack, but it was David Garcia Jr. who stole the show.

After an early caution caused by Greg McCoy‘s mishap, the race saw multiple lead changes. Patrick Beach, last week’s winner, was hot on the heels of Jimmy Skoog, but it was Garcia Jr. who made the most dramatic move. With just two laps to go, Garcia Jr. surged from third place, overtaking Beach and Skoog in a breathtaking display of skill and determination.

In a nail-biting finish, Garcia Jr. edged out Beach at the line, securing his sixth win of the season. The young driver from El Paso showed incredible patience and precision, proving once again why he’s a fan favorite.

David Garcia Jr. reflected on his win: “Patience was key tonight. I didn’t even realize it was the final lap until I saw the white flag. This win is for my crew and all the military members here tonight.”

🚗Hulsey Racing Legends: Dusty Riggs Dominates Amidst Cautions

Next up were the Hulsey Racing Legends, and the action was just as intense. The race saw multiple cautions, with Vanessa Robinson and Joe Cuilty among those caught in early incidents. But it was Dusty Riggs who emerged as the night’s hero.

Starting from mid-pack, Riggs quickly moved up the field, navigating through the cautions and restarts with finesse. The battle between Riggs and Aydan Saunders was particularly thrilling, with both drivers showcasing their mastery of the track. Saunders, despite starting from the back, made significant progress, setting up a heated duel with Riggs. However, Saunders’ charge was cut short due to penalties, adding an element of unpredictability to the race.

Dusty Riggs showcased his ability to navigate both high and low lines, adapting to changing track conditions with precision. The father-son battle between Dusty and Cale Riggs was the highlight of the race, as they fought hard for the top spot. In the end, Dusty’s experience and strategic positioning allowed him to claim the win, with Cale and Jerod Candelaria completing the podium.

The Riggs family had plenty to celebrate, with Cale Riggs also finishing strong in second place. It was a night to remember for the Hatch, NM, natives.

Dusty Riggs shared his thoughts in Victory Lane: “I probably wasn’t the fastest one tonight, but that’s what we get. I didn’t know if I’d ever make it up here; it’s been kind of a rough season, but thank God we’re back. Appreciate you all, and I just want to introduce myself. Hello, I’m Dusty Riggs. Nice to meet you. Thank y’all. Appreciate you very much.”

🚙Extreme Landscaping USRA Stock Cars: Rob Moseley’s High Line Heroics

The Extreme Landscaping USRA Stock Cars provided some of the night’s most exciting moments. Rob Moseley, starting from eighth, quickly made his way to the front, utilizing the high line in turns three and four to great effect. His bold strategy paid off as he took the lead and never looked back.

Bryan Shannon Bennett and Jonathan Burton battled fiercely behind him, but Moseley’s mastery of the high line proved unbeatable. Despite a late caution, Moseley maintained his composure and secured his fourth win of the season. His performance was a masterclass in high-speed precision and strategy.

Reflecting on his performance, Rob Moseley shared: “Well, they watered the top at intermission, and we watched the Pure Stocks and Legends. Nobody went up there. They threw the green, and I knew it wasn’t going to be very good, but everybody bottled up on the bottom right away. So I was like, I’m gonna make it work or I ain’t.”

Moseley also took a moment to express his gratitude: “I’m very fortunate for all these people and all the help that I get, and all the people that let me drive their stuff. Thanks to all the veterans here on military night, everybody that served, and thanks to all the fans. You guys are what we put the show on for.”

🚀Anthony Sosa Roofing & Construction Late Models: Xavier Ortega’s Triumphant Return

In the Anthony Sosa Roofing Late Models, Xavier Ortega put on a clinic. After recovering from two fractured ribs, Ortega returned to the track with a vengeance. He swiftly moved to the front, taking the lead from Brandon Cruse and never relinquishing it.

Ortega’s command of the top line in turns three and four was a sight to behold, as he extended his lead lap after lap. Despite challenges from Shane McNutt and Walton Kyle Jr., Ortega remained untouchable, crossing the finish line first with a significant margin. His win was a testament to resilience and sheer driving talent.

Xavier Ortega shared his triumphant return: “With fractured ribs, I wasn’t sure if I could race tonight, but once in the car, I felt invincible. Thanks to everyone who supported me through recovery.”

🏎️Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds: Mark Smith’s Battle Royale

The night concluded with the highly anticipated Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds, and it did not disappoint. The Smith brothers, Nathan and Mark, dominated the early stages, but it was Mark who emerged victorious after a dramatic showdown.

The race saw multiple lead changes, particularly between Mark Smith and Fito Gallardo. Their battle reached its peak in the final laps, with intense slide jobs and crossovers that kept fans on the edge of their seats. The race took a dramatic turn when Gallardo’s attempt to retake the lead resulted in a collision, ending his night and solidifying Mark Smith’s path to victory.

Rob Moseley, pulling double duty, finished a commendable fourth in his first night racing an A Mod for Casey Minks. Mark Smith’s win was a perfect end to a night filled with high-octane action and unforgettable moments.

Mark Smith reflected on his win: “Coming back from Wisconsin, we learned a lot. Tonight’s win proves that our team’s hard work and dedication pay off. Apologies to Fito for the contact; it’s all part of racing.”

🙏Thank You, Fans and Heroes

As we wrap up another unforgettable night at Vado Speedway Park, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the fans who joined us, both at the track and online. Your energy and enthusiasm create the electric atmosphere that makes nights like these possible. Special thanks to our military personnel for your service and sacrifice, honored on this Military Appreciation Night.

We invite everyone to join us next week for our special 5-year anniversary celebration on Father’s Day Weekend. Follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest news and share your experiences.

Thank you for being part of our Vado Speedway Park family.

Until next time, this is Dr. Joaquin Acosta signing off.

See you at the track!