A Night of Unforgettable Racing Under the Stars

After a month-long hiatus since the Fall Nationals, Vado Speedway Park roared back to life on November 17, 2023. This wasn’t just another race night; it marked the electrifying beginning of a two-night season finale, a culmination of a season woven with speed, skill, and spirited competition. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the racetrack, having journeyed from the winds of March through sizzling summer heat and breathtaking sunsets, now embraced the crisp chill of an encroaching winter. Yet, the onset of night brought no dimming of spirits; instead, the rumble of engines and the rush of adrenaline warmed the hearts of racers and fans alike.

S. H. Automotive
Pure Stocks: McCoy’s Masterful Maneuver

The evening kicked off with the SH Automotive Pure Stocks, showcasing a gripping battle between Devon Jobin and Mel Romero. But it was Kenny McCoy in his iconic Bel Air machine who stole the show. Navigating through intense competition and yellow flags, McCoy displayed extraordinary skill and focus, eventually securing his first win of the season in a stunning display of racing prowess.

Johnstone Supply
Super Trucks: Barnett’s Brilliant Breakthrough

The Super Trucks race was a spectacle of strategy and speed, with Christy Georges-Barnett
demonstrating why she’s known as the “fastest woman on dirt.” Starting in fourth, Barnett expertly navigated the track, making calculated moves and eventually taking the lead. Her tenth win of the season was a testament to her relentless drive and skill, marking another chapter in her incredible racing journey.

POWRi Jackson Compaction
305 Winged Sprint Cars: Lorne Wofford’s Comeback

In a race where experience met ambition, Lorne Wofford showcased his racing acumen in the 305 Winged Sprint Cars. Battling against his son, Wes Wofford and a field of determined racers, Lorne executed a remarkable comeback on a race that looked like it belonged to Dylan Harris. His victory, clinched in the final laps amidst challenging lap traffic, was not just a win but a narrative of persistence and tactical brilliance.

Hulsey Racing
INEX Legends: Saunders’ Supremacy

Aydan Saunders
balancing double duty in sprint cars and legends, displayed a masterclass in the INEX Legends race. Leading confidently, Saunders skillfully handled restarts and lap traffic, ultimately claiming his eighth legend car victory of the year. His performance was a blend of raw talent and honed skill, solidifying his status as a formidable force on the track.

POWRi Sunset Grill 360 Non-Wings: A Cross-Country Connection

The victory of Ricky Lewis in the POWRi Sunset Grill 360 Non-Wing race was a tale of strategic brilliance and a testament to the nationwide racing family. Flown in by Casey Minks of Minks Motorsports, Lewis, a regular in the USAC CRA Sprint Car Series
showcased his extraordinary talent on a track where others found challenges, specially in turn 4. His win under the stars of the New Mexico desert illuminated Vado Speedway Park as the “Diamond of the Desert,” a beacon for racers across the country. This victory was not just about crossing the finish line first; it was about the extended family of racers and enthusiasts who come together from all corners of the nation, united by their passion for speed and competition.

As the first night of the season finale drew to a close, the anticipation for the concluding chapter grew. Tonight, stories will reach their climaxes, champions will be crowned, and memories that have simmered over the season will crystallize into lasting legacies. The stage is set for a night where the stakes are higher, the competition fiercer, and the glory even more coveted.

Join us as we witness the grand finale of a season that has spanned from the first hints of spring to the edge of winter, a journey through time and emotion, speed, and spectacle. Vado Speedway Park is not just a racetrack; it’s the heart of a racing saga, pulsating with the energy of a thousand stories waiting to reach their epic conclusion.

Get ready for an unforgettable night at Vado Speedway Park, where the roar of engines writes the final lines of a season’s story.