VADO, NM — Race Night Recap — 08/19/23 What’s that roaring sound echoing through the New Mexico desert? It’s the heartbeat of racing enthusiasts, friends, family, and even the little future champions who were enthralled by the spectacle at Vado Speedway Park this Saturday night! S. H. Automotive Pure Stocks 🚗💨 The night kicked off with a dramatic battle between Scott Sullivan, David Garcia Jr., and Katie Seals. Sullivan was passed by Garcia with 13 laps to go, but it was Jay Rosales, who astounded everyone by going high and passing four cars after a restart. He chased down the young 15-year-old Garcia and passed him on the back stretch with 3 laps to go. Rosales, a veteran who made a comeback after not racing for 10+ years, went on to win both the dash for cash and the feature main. A remarkable night for Rosales, who drove Sharrii Minks new pure stock with no adjustments all night and dominated the “test” laps! Johnstone Supply Super Trucks 🏁🚚 Luis Esquivel’s bold jump from 7th to 1st set the tone. Jake Dart’s persistence led him to victory, as he took advantage of the low line and muscled past rivals. Dart’s truck was set up for a smooth race down low, and he celebrated on victory lane with his family, holding his own crafted trophy for the first time this year! POWRi Jackson Compaction 305 Winged Sprint Car 🚀 The Woffords, father Lorne and son Wes, battled fiercely through the pack. Lorne’s confident high-line driving allowed him to pass several competitors and close a 1.8-second gap on Robert Herrera. With 2 laps to go, he caught the rubber out of turn 2 and secured an exhilarating win! Hulsey Racing Legends ⭐ An emotional roller-coaster unfolded as Dusty Riggs sneakily crept up the low line, passing rivals one by one. After a checkered yellow confusion and a restart, Riggs sealed the win, displaying his veteran prowess. The race’s crazy ending left fans both thrilled and bewildered. USRA B-Mods Sponsored by Hacienda Carpet and Tile 🎉 With 33 entries, the night’s climax saw Donavon Flores jump to first, with Jesse Haynie putting on a clinic of speed. Haynie’s low-line mastery allowed him to pass rivals, including Jaime Torres, the tortugas tornado, and fly high to victory lane for the second time in a row. A Night of Spectacles and Triumphs 🌟 Vado Speedway Park was alive with daring overtakes, strategic plays, and emotional victories. From veterans returning to form to young talents defending against seasoned racers, the night was filled with unforgettable moments. 🏁 Next Week’s Thrilling Extravaganza at Vado Speedway Park Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with family enjoyment at Vado Speedway Park on August 26th – presenting Kid’s Bike Night! 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️ Get ready for a ton of excitement as we give away a total of 131 bicycles for boys and girls! Youngsters in the local community can win bikes by simply entering the gates with their families on Saturday, the 26th. But that’s not all! 🏎️ The racing lineup promises a flurry of action with categories including POWRi Sunset Grill 360 Non-Winged Sprint Cars, Rancho Milagro Modifieds, Anthony Sosa Roofing & Construction Late Models, Extreme Landscaping USRA Stock Cars, & S. H. Automotive Pure Stocks – guaranteeing a night of adrenaline-pumping speed that you certainly won’t want to miss! So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and head down to Vado Speedway Park for a night filled with roaring engines, thrilling races, and cherished memories! 🎉 Get Your Tickets Now and Be Part of the Action! 🎟️