Celebrate the start of the 360 Non-winged Sprint Car season at VSP with Caleb Stelzig as he takes a win using his trusty 2022 car, ensuring a smooth ride straight to Victory Lane. Don’t miss the chance to see more breathtaking races at Vado Speedway Park. We want you to experience the rush—visit VadoSpeedwayPark.com to join us for the next race day! Join the excitement and share your moments with us using our official hashtags: #VadoSpeedwayPark, #RacingAction, #TrackDay, #ModifiedRacing, #PureStock, #StockCarRacing, #SprintCar, #RaceDay, #VictoryLane, and #SpeedwayRacing. Follow and use these tags to stay connected and up-to-date with all the thrilling races at Vado Speedway Park!