Hey race fans! What a night we had at Vado Speedway Park howling under the full moon for the first night of our Memorial Day doubleheader! The energy was electric, the racing was intense, and the storylines were nothing short of spectacular. Let’s dive into the highlights from last night’s action-packed event.

The Super Trucks feature was a barnburner, with Christy Georges-Barnett pulling off a dramatic last-lap pass to take the win. Starting from the 11th spot, Barnett methodically worked her way through the field, engaging in a heated battle with Billy Roy Harris. The two traded paint several times, but Barnett’s determination saw her edge out Harris at the line. Michael Hartman, driving the B52, also had a stellar night, finishing third after a hard-fought race. Barnett’s win was her millionth time in Victory Lane, and it’s always a treat to see her skill and sportsmanship in action.

Hulsey Racing Legends

The Legends class saw the young veteran Aydan Saunders from El Paso making an impressive climb from 11th to take the victory. Saunders, a defending champion, showcased his talent, navigating through the field with precision. Cale Riggs from Hatch, NM, also put on a fantastic show, finishing second after starting 10th. Dave Smith rounded out the podium in third, moving up 11 spots from his 14th starting position. The race was not without drama, as several cars tangled up in a series of spins and crashes, but Saunders kept his cool, proving he’s a force to be reckoned with.

The sprint cars never disappoint, and last night was no exception. Caleb Saiz, known as the Rocket Man, took the win in a nail-biting feature. Starting third, Saiz made a bold move early on, battling with Lorne Wofford and Rick Zeal. The race saw intense side-by-side action, but Saiz’s strategic maneuvering in lap traffic gave him the edge. Wes Wofford, charging from eighth, made a late-race push but had to settle for second. Rick Zeal rounded out the podium in third. The sprint car feature was fast and furious, showcasing the incredible talent and daring of these drivers.

Eric McNutt dominated the late models, leading from the start and never relinquishing his position. The Las Cruces driver showed his prowess on the bottom line, holding off a strong challenge from Jon Ortega and Arturo Ordonez. McNutt’s flawless performance was a testament to his skill and the hard work of his team. The crowd erupted as he crossed the finish line, cementing his place as one of the top drivers at Vado Speedway Park.

USRA B-Mods Sponsored by Hacienda Carpet and Tile

The night capped off with a thrilling B-Mods feature, where the Hurricane, Josh Cain, put on a masterclass. Starting from the fourth position, Cain quickly moved up the field, battling fiercely with Hunter Sandy, Cameron Martin, and Mike Rosales. Despite a rough stint in the late models earlier in the night, Cain showed no signs of fatigue, muscling his way to the front and never looking back. The Albuquerque native, Hunter Sandy, gave chase but ultimately finished third. Cameron Martin, after a spirited battle with Sandy, secured second place. The standout moment was when Cain pulled off an incredible pass for the lead, proving once again why he’s called the Hurricane.

Carnage and Rivalries

The night was also marked by several intense rivalries and dramatic pileups. Aasa Flores and Donavon Flores were at each other’s throats all night, culminating in a heated exchange that had fans on the edge of their seats. Similarly, Luke Solis and Allen Gutierrez got into a heated battle that left both cars damaged and tempers flaring. The pileup in the Super Trucks and Late Models was another highlight, with cars dropping like flies and fans gasping at every turn.


The atmosphere at Vado Speedway Park was nothing short of spectacular. The stands were packed with enthusiastic fans, and the energy was palpable. From the thrilling races to the engaging Victory Lane interviews, it was a night to remember. A big shoutout to our sponsors and the hard-working track crew for making this event possible. The dedication and passion of everyone involved truly make Vado Speedway Park a special place.

Looking Ahead

As we rev up for night two of our Memorial Day weekend doubleheader, the excitement is only going to increase. With more races on the card and drivers hungry for victory, tonight promises to be another unforgettable experience. Remember to follow Vado Speedway Park on social media for all the latest updates and highlights.

Thank you, race fans, for making last night a success. We’re here back at the track tonight for more thrilling hammer-down action. Let’s keep the momentum going and make this Memorial Day weekend one for the history books!

Stay tuned and stay fast, Vado Speedway Park fans!

Dr. Joaquin Acosta