Come for a rip with Dylan Harris in his 305 Winged Sprint at Vado Speedway Park! Watch the action unfold from his in-car camera as he battles it out and secures third place after starting fourth in his heat! 🏎️🔥 POWRI JACKSON COMPACTION 305 WINGED SPRINT CARS HEAT 2: Royal Jones – Las Cruces, NM Daniel Blaeser – La Mesa, NM Dylan Harris – El Paso, TX Jett Carney – El Paso, TX Lorne Wofford – Alamogordo, NM (+3) Mike Archuleta – Las Cruces, NM Wes Wofford – Alamogordo, NM (-2) Richard Wilbee – Las Cruces, NM (-1) Don’t miss out! Get your tickets and join the action at 🚗💨 🏁 #VadoSpeedwayPark #SummerSpeed #RacingSeason #FeelTheThrill #ElPaso #LasCruces #DirtTrack #Juarez #EPTX #LCNM #ElephantButte