Under the bright lights of Vado Speedway Park, the season’s final act unfolded with an electric charge in the air, a buzz of anticipation shared by every soul in the stands and behind the wheels. Dr. Joaquin Acosta here, savoring the echo of engines and the collective breath held by an audience ready for the night’s promised spectacle.

Prelude to the Race Night

As dusk fell, the track bore the weight of championship dreams and the final roar for the year. The pre-race excitement was palpable as the track crew meticulously prepared the battlefield, ensuring every inch of dirt was primed for the heroes of the night to etch their stories.

Championships on the Line

The air was thick with the weight of legacy, as two out of the five classes zooming into the night had titles hanging in the balance, a razor’s edge separating the victors from the valiant. Christy Georges-BarnettCaleb Stelzig, and Dusty Riggs had their fates sealed, champions in waiting, while for others like Sharrii Minks
and Jon Chase Ortiz, the night was a canvas for their final strokes of mastery.

S. H. Automotive
Pure Stocks: Chase Ortiz’s Championship Journey

The SH Automotive Pure Stocks delivered an electrifying race, with Javie Chávez in car 6FO taking command early on and never looking back. His victory was a celebration of perseverance, skill, and the unwavering support of his team and family. Meanwhile, Jon Chase Ortiz, despite a tumultuous race, sealed the deal on his season championship, a true testimony to his consistent performance and unyielding determination throughout the season.

Johnstone Supply
Super Trucks Finale: Rob Moseley‘s Masterclass

In a spectacular turn of events, Rob Moseley, piloting Jake Dart‘s truck, snatched the lead from Jake Dart with just two laps remaining. His victory was a display of raw talent (Fun fact: that was his second time ever racing a supertruck) and a highlight of the evening, proving that in racing, it’s never over until the checkered flag waves. Amidst the whirlwind of engines and dirt, Christy Georges-Barnett
the season champion, sealed her legacy with the same finesse with which she has dominated the season. The fastest woman on dirt faced down every challenge thrown her way, not just racing but rewriting the script for what it means to be a competitor.

POWRi Sunset Grill 360 Non-Winged Sprint Cars: Treharn‘s Redemption

Colton Treharn emerged as the champion of the POWRi Sunset Grill 360 Non-Winged Sprint Cars finale, a race that burned with the fire of competition. Ricky Lewis, the California comet, brought his A-game, leaving an indelible mark with his ferocious pursuit of victory. But it was Caleb Stelzig, the unshakable force, who demonstrated why he was the season’s best, securing his back-to-back championship with a masterclass of control and finesse.

Hulsey Racing Legends: Aydan Saunders‘ Legendary Win

Aydan Saunders‘ awe-inspiring ascent from eleventh to first in the Hulsey Racing Legends was a testament to his unrivaled talent and determination. The young driver, soon to embark on his collegiate journey, left a legacy of racing excellence, etching his name into the very fabric of Vado Speedway Park. As Dusty Riggs wrapped up the season as a beacon of consistency and a mentor to many, the Legends series underscored the relentless spirit and passion that define this sport.

POWRi Jackson Compaction 305 Winged Sprint Cars: Carney’s Crowning Glory

The 305 Winged Sprint Cars finale was a spectacle of speed and strategy, with John Carney II orchestrating a symphonic victory from the seventh spot. Wes Wofford‘s skillful driving earned him a second-place finish and the season championship, a feat of consistency and strategic brilliance. Amidst the high-speed drama, Aydan Saunders faced the unpredictable nature of Sprint Car racing, yet his performance across classes was nothing short of impressive.

Season Finale Spectacle

The night crescendoed to an orchestra of roaring engines and cheering fans, a collective chorus celebrating each driver, from the seasoned to the aspirant, as they etched their final marks on the season. Aided by the diligent pit crews, every lap was a story, every turn a memory, and every finish line a chapter closed.

As the final checkered flag waved, the park basked in the afterglow of triumphs and what-ifs. Champions basked in the spray of champagne, reflecting on the journey, the battles fought, the fortunes won, and the dreams deferred. The stands emptied, but the echoes of a season’s worth of races rang loud, a siren song calling out to the next year’s promise.

As we close the chapter on a season filled with breathtaking races, memorable victories, and the indomitable spirit of competition, we salute all the drivers, crews, and fans who have made this season at Vado Speedway Park truly remarkable. Until the engines roar to life again in March 2024, we carry with us the memories, the triumphs, and the pure joy of dirt track racing. Here’s to the past eight months of high-octane excitement — until next time, keep the dirt flying and the dreams alive.