VADO, NM — 08-26-23 A Night of Thrills at Vado Speedway Park🏁🔥
Extreme Landscaping USRA Stock Cars 🚗💨
The Prodigal Racer Returns: Jason D. Josselyn Homecoming 🥊
In a world where local champions defend their turf, one man returned to rewrite the script. Jason Josselyn, back at Vado after stints across the region , showed he still had the magic. And what a return it was! Fighting off top local talent, he made his way to Victory Lane, proving that you can go away, but you can never forget your roots.
S. H. Automotive Pure Stocks 🛑
Triumph of the Heart and Wheel: Scott Sullivan’s Moment 🏎️💓
Imagine a man racing not just against competitors but against fate itself. Scott Sullivan, behind the wheel of the Haley tribute car dedicated to his late daughter, had been searching for Victory Lane all season. On Kids Bike Night, the stars aligned. Beating out Sharrii Minks and Jon Chase Ortiz, Sullivan not only won the race but also our hearts. This win was more than a trophy; it was a tribute to his unyielding spirit and a daughter never forgotten.
POWRi Sunset Grill 360 Non-Winged Sprint Cars 🚀
The Duke City Beanstalk Takes It All 🌱
Caleb Stelzig, the 17-year-old sensation, held his own against veterans like Spencer Hill and Michael Fanelli and left them in his dust. His car was a bullet—a bolt of lightning that refused to be caught. The future of racing flashed before our eyes, and its name was Caleb Stelzig.
Anthony Sosa Roofing & Construction Late Models 🏆
An Epic Saga of Skill and Will 🤺
This was the clash of titans. Devin Smith and Eric Mcnutt went wheel-to-wheel, trading paint and positions. But Mcnutt saw his moment and seized it. The crowd erupted; it was pandemonium. Shane McNutt, following in his father’s tire tracks, made it a family affair on the podium.
Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds
A Symphony of Revs and Risks 🎶
Todd took an early lead, positioning himself as the one to watch. But as race fans know, the situation can change in the blink of an eye. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, drama unfolded. We had spinouts, yellow flags, and a heated battle that brought the crowd to its feet. The Gallardos— Jake, Fito, and their team—were in full swing, showing why they’re the architects and masters of this track as Jake soared his way from 20th to the 1st. In a shocking turn of events, something happened to the Gallardos’ cars. It was like watching dominos fall as they lost their lead positions. This opened the door wide open for Terry Tipton in the #99 and Carlos Ahumada Jr., setting up a breathtaking final act. In an adrenaline-pumping showdown, Terry Tipton seized the moment and got it done.
Extra Laps: Bike Night and Dash for Cash 🚲💰
Tonight was not just about the racers; it was a full community spectacle. We gave away an astonishing 131 bikes, lighting up as many young faces. Add in two dash-for-cashes sponsored by Lomadore Stables, and you’ve got a night for the history books.
My Final Lap 🎤
Folks, whether you’ve been a fan for a day or a lifetime, tonight showcased why Vado Speedway Park is more than a track—it’s a theater of dreams. This is Dr. Joaquin Acosta, your voice of Vado Speedway Park, reminding you that the heart of racing beats in every one of us. Until next time, let those engines roar! 🏁