🔥 Get ready to rev your engines and feel the adrenaline rush! 🔥

We’re about to send our 2023 season off with a roar at Vado Speedway Park. Here’s the game changer: For the first time this season, we’re showcasing both winged and non-winged sprint cars! Gear up for not one, but two days of pulse-pounding racing on Friday and Saturday, November 17th & 18th.

But wait, there’s more:

🍔 Mouth-watering food: Dive into a plethora of gourmet treats to satisfy your racing appetite.

🍺 Refreshing drinks: From soft drinks to brews, we’ve got your thirst covered.

🚗💨 Electrifying dirt track racing action: This unique mix of sprint cars promises an edge-of-your-seat experience like no other.

⏰ This once-in-a-season combo event is racing towards you. Don’t be left in the dust! 🎟️ Tickets? Speed on over to VadoSpeedwayPark.com and secure your front row seat to history. 🏟️ See you at the track! Let’s make this finale a race for the record books!