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Vado Speedway Park Update 1/25/2019
Vado Speedway Park is a brand new motorsports facility being constructed in Vado, New Mexico, which is on Interstate 10 between El Paso and Las Cruces ad opens in 2019. The inaugural event is scheduled for March 29-30. In addition to a world-class 3/8-mile dirt track, the venue will include motocros… watch video

Vado Speedway Park Fly Over 11/7/2018
High Desert Video visited Vado Speedway Park on Nov. 7 and a lot of progress has been made to the state-of-the-art multi-purpose motorsports facility located just off of I-10 in Vado, New Mexico. The track is scheduled to open March 2019.… watch video

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Vado Speedway Park
A brand new facility is being built to replace Southern New Mexico Speedway in Las Cruces, N.M., and El Paso Speedway Park. This new track will be located in Vado, N.M., just off of I-10 at Exit 155 and is scheduled to be open by early 2019. With tracks closing all over the country, it is almost unh… watch video