Let’s give it up for our August 5th Feature Winners here at Vado Speedway Park! 🏆🔴⚫🟡🏁
The man, the myth, the legend, none other than Royal Jones of Las Cruces, NM, got his first win of the season in our Jackson Compaction Winged Sprint Class! Starting up front, he let er rip, not taking his eye off Wes Wofford in his rearview, who was nipping on his heels all race! Making his way through lapped traffic, he maintained the lead and took home the Rick’s Performance Checkered Flag! Wes Wofford put up a battle for second, and Rick Ziehl took third!
Miss Drew Cassidy of Las Cruces, NM, got her first win of the season in our S.H. Automotive Pure Stock class! Starting up front she let that new car eat, letting no one by! Taking second was Ray Abbott, and in third was Chase Ortiz!
Jesse Haynie, out of Las Cruces, NM, hadn’t been up on Rio Grande Waste Services Victory Lane in a while! He started in the middle of the pack and kept his cool getting it to the front landing him his third win of the season in our Hacienda Carpet & Tile X-mods class! This one was for Rick! Second place went to Donovan Flores and third Dustin Smith.
A Junior at Coronado High School in El Paso, TX, young gun Luke Solis dethroned Dusty Riggs in our Hulsey Racing INEX Legends class! This is his first year racing and his first win of the season here at Vado Speedway Park! Second place went to Sean Salazar and third to Dusty Riggs.
Back on track Christy Barnett of El Paso, TX, in her Johnstone Supply Super Truck, showed us how it was done, starting in the back, picking em off, and holding on to that first-place position! Her husband, the Shermanator (Sherman Barnett) took second, and Michael Hartman third!
This weekend’s racing action left us on the edge of our seats! We have more in store for you next week! Get your tickets to the show by going to www.VadoSpeedwayPark.com