🔥🏁 Spotlight on Vado’s 2023 Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds Champion: Jake Gallardo! 🏁🔥
Massive cheers for Jake Gallardo, making waves at Vado Speedway Park in his USRA Rancho Milagro A Mod! 🚗💨 Clinching the 2023 championship title, he’s truly dominated the season. Racing alongside the cream of the crop, Jake’s consistency and precision have been a sight to behold. 🌟
Continuing a family tradition – after his dad’s impressive win last year, Jake stepped up to claim 2023 as his own! 🏁🎉
A heartfelt thank you to the entire team, supporters, and everyone who’s been part of this journey. Jake is not only a racer; he’s a part of Vado’s rich racing tapestry. 🏟️🏁
Congratulations, Jake! 🥂 Your hard work has paid off, and we eagerly anticipate celebrating with you at the banquet! 🎉