Wow, what a night, race fans! The atmosphere at Vado Speedway Park on the 9th of September was electric, and if you missed it, we’ve got all the high-octane details right here. From the screeching tires to nail-biting finishes, let’s dive into the heart-pounding action!


The Spotlight: Johnstone Supply Super Trucks

First up, let’s talk about the Johnstone Supply Super Trucks. The night was filled with tight corners, three-wide action, and a battle for the lead that had us all on the edge of our seats. Michael Hartman, aka the Burning Man, in his B-52 started strong but faced a heart-wrenching penalty that sent him to the tail of the field. His drive was full of fire, and his duel with Christy Barnett had fans holding their breath.

Christy Barnett, the fastest woman on dirt, was the star of the night. Starting in ninth position, she skillfully maneuvered her way to the front, showing her mettle and grit. Despite a tangle-up and a nail-biting three laps to go, Christy clinched her eighth feature win of the season. Talk about girl power! “I think I got more cahones to go around there in the mud than they do… It works out sometimes and it doesn’t work out. Sometimes I’ve had a great year. I can’t thank my crew enough,” said Christy in the post-race interview.


Extreme Landscaping USRA Stock Cars

The energy was palpable here at Vado Speedway Park as we got ready for the Extreme Landscaping USRA Stock Cars. After the adrenaline-pumping action we witnessed in the Johnstone Supply SuperTruck series, expect nothing less in this second feature race of the night. Herman Garcia from Espanola, New Mexico started us off, but watch out for Arturo Ordonez, our “coming out of nowhere” guy for the evening.

It was a showdown for the ages. Rob Mosley, our reigning champion, was locked in a fierce battle with Jonathan Burton. With just two laps to go, Burton made a daring move, trying to sneak past Mosley but spun out in turn four, handing the win to Rob Mosley. “I’m not here for points; I’m here to win races,” Mosley declared. Rob extends his lead in the season standings, but the spirit of competition and the raw emotion displayed by both drivers are what truly defined the night.


POWRi 360 Non-Wing Sprint Cars

The air was electric as the POWRi 360 non-wing sprint cars lined up on the grid. Everyone’s eyes were on Caleb Stelzig, the young gun who’s been tearing up tracks lately, and Spencer Hill, the hometown hero. Right from the get-go, Spencer Hill set the pace, but it was Caleb Stelzig who provided the spectacle of the night. With just a few laps to go, a yellow flag was thrown, bunching up the field. Stelzig executed a flawless restart, pulling away from Hill and the rest of the pack. “This place was an absolute blast tonight. Old-school Vado Speedway Park, rip the lip right against the fence,” he gleamed.


Anthony Sosa Roofing Late Models

The starting grid was a tapestry of talent, with Oscar Petas from Chihuahua, Mexico, taking pole position and our local hurricane Josh Kane hungry for another win. As the laps ticked down, Kane made a series of daring maneuvers and overtook Petas in a breathtaking pass. “Well, me and [Petas] are good buddies… I better just go for it,” Kane shared with infectious enthusiasm.


Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds

Last night was nothing short of a spectacle. The adrenaline was flowing, the engines were roaring, and when the dust settled, it was a family affair for the Guyardos! Fito Gallardo (“Chocolate Thunder”) took an early lead, but it was his son Jake Gallardo (“The Professor”) who stole the show. In a heart-pounding final lap, Jake managed to hold his ground and crossed the finish line first. “It was my daughter’s fifth birthday and she had asked me for a win. Talk about added pressure! But I delivered,” Jake said in a post-race interview.


Thank you to all the fans, drivers, and teams who made it a night to remember. Don’t miss next week’s race on First Responders Night, September 16th! Until then, keep those engines revving and spirits high!

Vado Speedway Park, where legends are made, and stories unfold!