Vado, NM – September 1, 2023 Vado Speedway Park: Where Legends, Dreams, and Rubber Meet the Road! 🏁 Hey there, race fans, Dr. Joaquin Acosta here, your trusty color commentator from Vado Speedway Park and the CEO of Pharmtrue! If you weren’t at the Speedway tonight, let me tell you, you missed an epic showdown under the stars. But don’t sweat it, I got the inside line on everything that went down! A Night of Firsts, Lasts, and Jaw-Dropping Twists! 🌟 Pure Stocks: The S. H. Automotive Showdown Picture this: Robert Dominguez, Mel Romero, and Shane Helton three-wide, engines roaring like a pack of lions! The crowd’s on the edge of their seats! Then, out of nowhere, Jeffrey Maag makes his move, only for Sharrii Minks to steal the show with the fastest lap. But in a turn of events, Robert Dominguez hangs in there and takes the checkered flag for the second time this season! The Hulsey Racing Legends: A $500 Bounty and a Night to Remember Dusty Riggs, the seasoned vet, took the pole but met his match in Aydan Saunders, the most winningest driver at Vado who’s been racing his 305 winged-sprint more this year building that seat time to come back and do just this. These two put on a racing clinic! Dusty, the “Big Bully” himself was ready to take no survivors until Aydan made an audacious pass with just laps to go, pocketing $500 put up by Legends of The South West! College, here he comes! With $750 on the line in Night 2, it will be very curious to see how that rivalry continues. POWRi 360 Wing Sprint Car Desert Series: Slammin’ Sammy Swindell’s Masterclass Now, this one’s for the books. Sprint car legend Sammy Swindell on the pole, and it’s like watching an artist paint his masterpiece. As if it racing for his 6th win of the Chile bowl, Swindell was hammer down. Then out of nowhere, Swindell approached lap traffic and Caleb Saiz said, “Not so fast, Sammy!”, fearlessly taking the lead flying from the high cushion. In the end, Swindell, the veteran he is, relaxed and found his speed putting on a clinic through the 24 car lap traffic to pass Saiz and take the win. Poetry in motion! Night 1 in the book and the season on the line, who will try to take Don Grable from his championship on Night 2 at Vado Speedway Park? Hacienda Carpet and Tile USRA B-Mods: Unscripted Drama! Greg Gorham and Hector Barraza threw down like gladiators in Rome. It was a tug-of-war until Jesse Haynie, in his AOS chassis, snatched victory like a hawk grabs its prey. Three wins in a row for ‘Mr. Unlimited’ himself, Haynie, can you believe it?! Anthony Sosa Roofing Late Models: The Unthinkable! Josh Cain, the hurricane, led the pack like a general leading his troops. But in a heart-stopping moment, Kent Rosevear out of Yuma, Arizona, says, “It’s my time!” And snatches victory right at the finish line staying high as Cain went low in a absolute jaw dropping shocker. First night out new late model, hung in there and got that done. Folks, I still can’t believe what I saw! The Heartbeat of Vado: The Fans 🎉 And let’s not forget the fans. Yes, I see you all—kids with their Hot Wheels mimicking the action, adults savoring the excitement, families making memories. Whether it’s the kids dreaming about their future on the track or the grown-ups reminiscing about their own miniature races, this is what Vado Speedway Park is all about! Wrapping it Up! So, you got your dose of adrenaline yet? If not, you know where to find it next time as our Labor Day weekend continues tomorrow here at Vado Speedway Park! Until then, keep the pedal to the metal and the rubber on the road. This is Dr. Joaquin Acosta, signing off, but not for long. ‘Til the next green flag tomorrow, race fans! 😉