Vado, NM — 9/2/23 Vado Speedway Park‘s Labor Day Weekend: A Symphony of Speed, Celebration, and Unforgettable Moments!

Hello, race fans! Dr. Joaquin Acosta here, your go-to color commentator for Vado Speedway Park!

This Labor Day weekend was not just about speed; it was a rich tapestry of human emotion, skill, and community celebration. Let’s dive into the details, race by race, story by story.

S. H. Automotive Pure Stock Feature Main: Helton’s Heroic Win and A Daughter’s Joy

The race began with James Skoog on pole, setting the pace with speedy laps. Shane Helton was hot on his heels, and the tension was palpable. It was a nail-biter as Jeffrey Maag overtook Robert Dominguez and Minijares Sr. with 14 laps to go. Skoog led with a half-second lead on Helton until a yellow flag with 9 laps remaining. Mel Romero was temporarily down. On the restart, Helton made his move, going side by side with Skoog before making a daring pass with six laps to go. The crowd erupted! Helton’s daughter, his passenger for the night, shared this unforgettable moment with him on Victory Lane.

Hulsey Racing Legends Class: Saunders Sweeps and Celebrates with a “Shoey”

The action was frenetic from the get-go, with Jacob Masterson and Aydan Saunders neck-and-neck. A key moment came when Dusty Riggs, who started mid-pack, made it up to fifth place. Saunders and Sean Salazar dominated the front, but it was Saunders who navigated lap traffic brilliantly, maintaining his lead until the end. To celebrate, Saunders performed a “shoey” with champagne, delighting the crowd. Aydan Saunders didn’t just win; he dominated, sweeping the weekend and taking home $1,250. He’s now heading to Alien Motor Speedway, and the excitement is palpable. Will he continue his winning ways? Only time will tell.

POWRi 360 Wing Sprint Car Desert Series: Slammin’ Sammy Swindell‘s Mastery and Grable’s Crowning Glory

Sammy Swindell showcased why he is a living legend, leading from the start. The real drama unfolded behind him, where Don Grable was racing to seal his championship. A yellow flag with 17 laps to go gave everyone a momentary breather. On the restart, Swindell remained unstoppable, navigating lap traffic like a maestro. In the end, Swindell took the checkered flag, while Grable clinched the season championship, elevating the entire event into an epic saga of legends and heroes.

Hacienda Carpet and Tile USRA B Mods: Diego Alvarado—A Family Victory

Diego Alvarado snatched the lead from Deuce Teague early on and never looked back. Several yellow flags kept competitors on their toes, but each time, Alvarado expertly maintained his lead. His father and crew chief, Joe, shared this special moment on Victory Lane, a touching family affair that added another layer to an already thrilling race.

Anthony Sosa Roofing & Construction Late Models: Hurricane season Josh Cain’s Ultimate Redemption

Josh Cain was on fire, leading from the start. Jonathon Ortega and Jeff Schildmeyer tried to keep pace, but Cain was untouchable, even after a yellow flag at 17 laps to go. Despite a flat front tire, Cain navigated lap traffic masterfully to maintain his lead. In the end, Cain took home the $1,000 prize, a redemptive win that showcased his skill, determination, and the spirit of a true Vado Speedway Park titan.

The Champagne Finale: A Weekend of Bubbly Celebrations

The weekend wasn’t just about horsepower and strategy; it was a celebration. Each driver popped a bottle of champagne, showering Victory Lane in a fizzy finale that encapsulated the spirit of Vado Speedway Park.

Final Thoughts

From breathtaking overtakes to emotional family moments, from champagne showers to the unforgettable “shoey,” this Labor Day weekend had it all. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us. Until next Saturday, keep the pedal to the metal, and let’s continue to make Vado Speedway Park the epicenter of racing excitement!

Yours truly, Dr. Joaquin Acosta