A massive shoutout to all the racers, crews, and fans who joined us at Vado Speedway Park for an unforgettable race night this past Saturday, April 13th! Your energy and passion made it an awesome event, and we can’t wait to see you all again!
🏆Spotlight on the Winners:
Extreme Landscaping USRA Stock Cars
🥇Rob Moseley from Los Lunas used his skills, making it look easy as he soared to victory, fending off Jonathan Burton and Jason Josselyn.
Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds
🥇Jake O’Neil from Tucson chose all the right lines, mastering the track in his A Mod to stay ahead of the Gallardos, Fito and Jake!
Hulsey Racing Legends
🥇Luke Solis from El Paso put on another show-stopping performance, clinching the top spot for the second weekend in a row. Dusty Riggs made a heroic comeback to claim second, bouncing back impressively from last weekend’s wreck.
Johnstone Supply Super Trucks
🥇Christy Barnett from El Paso took the lead in a thrilling race, holding off Michael Hartman!
Anthony Sosa Roofing Late Models
🥇Eric McNutt from Las Cruces earned his first win of the season, demonstrating exceptional skill and determination right in front of Shane McNutt.
Thank you to each and every one of you for making this race night a great one. Here’s to many more nights of thrilling races and shared victories!
👏Join us next week as we continue to celebrate the spirit of racing at Vado Speedway Park.
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