Come aboard with David Garcia JR in his Pure Stock! 🚗💨 Despite a flat tire in his heat race, David Garcia JR gave it his all in the S.H. Automotive Pure Stock Feature Main on Saturday Night, June 15th, at Vado Speedway Park! With $200+ in added purse money, the competition was fierce, and anyone who could halt his winning streak stood to gain! 💰🏆 It was a tough night for David as he battled back but ultimately fell short to Jimmy Skoog in an epic showdown! Check out the results below: HEAT 2 Results: 1️⃣ 67 Sharrii Minks – El Paso, TX 2️⃣ 48 Kristen Denman – Las Cruces, NM 3️⃣ 222 Carlos Irvin – Glencoe, NM 4️⃣ X1 Patrick Beach – Las Cruces, NM 5️⃣ 18 Raymundo Lopez – Las Cruces, NM 6️⃣ 37 Ray Abbott – La Mesa, NM 7️⃣ 45 David Garcia JR – El Paso, TX 8️⃣ 02 Rick Skillin – Las Cruces, NM 9️⃣ 7 Chris Dominguez – El Paso, TX A FEATURE 1 Results: 1️⃣ 51 Jimmy Skoog – Alamogordo, NM 2️⃣ 0H Shane Helton – Hollywood, NM 3️⃣ 222 Carlos Irvin – Glencoe, NM 4️⃣ 45 David Garcia JR – El Paso, TX What a night! 🌟 Come join us for more action-packed racing and unforgettable moments at Vado Speedway Park! 🏎️💨 #Vado #VadoSpeedway #VadoSpeedwayPark #DirtTrack #DirtTrackRacing #ElPaso #LasCruces #Juarez #TorC #SilverCity #Alamogordo #ElephantButte #Arizona #ArizonaRacing