Updated Claimer Procedures

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Posted May 23, 2021

2021 Claimer Policies and Procedures

(updated May 17th, 2021)

1) Any driver that is an official entrant in a racing event is allowed to make a claim. An official entrant means ‘any driver that has registered for that specific night in the Claimer class’.

2) After scaling, the first five (5) finishers in the main event must drive their racecars directly to the designated tech/claim area at the conclusion of the main event and are subject to being claimed by any other driver that finishes sixth or lower AND finishes on the same lap as the winner. Any of the top five cars that do not go to the tech/claim area will be disqualified but are still subject to being claimed. Drivers utilizing a provisional starting position in the main event are not allowed to make a claim in that event. *The feature winner will scale and go to victory lane as normal and is then required to drive his/her car direction to the tech/claim area.

3) Claims must be made within five (5) minutes of the completion of the main event. Non-claimed items (racing seat, 5-point harness, transponder) must be removed at the racetrack within one (1) hour after claimed driver accepts the claim.

4) Driver making claim must drive his/her race car immediately after finish of feature, under its own power, across the scale and then directly to the tech/claim area.

5) Claiming driver must present cash (exact amount required) to Official overseeing the tech/claim area at the time that the driver declares his/her intention to claim. The Official will then immediately radio the Race Director of the claim and will hold the entire cash amount until the claim process is completed. The cash price of the claim for shall be $2,500. If the claim is accepted, the full $2,500 will go to the claimed driver or car owner within 1 hour after the claim has been completed. If the claim is refused, the full $2,500 will be returned to the claiming driver within 1 hour of the claim being refused. If payment is not picked up within that 1 hour time period, it will be forfeited and become property of the speedway.

6) Claiming driver shall select from the first five (5) finishers in the main event and must declare that choice to the Official overseeing the tech/claim area. If multiple drivers declare an intention to claim the same car, the driver finishing farthest back in the main event will be allowed to claim the car of his/her choice. If multiple drivers declare an intention to claim different cars, multiple claims CAN occur on the same night.

7) Driver is permitted one (1) claim per event, regardless of the outcome of that claim.

8) Only drivers, car owners and officials are permitted in the designated claim area. Any other participants associated with that racecar that enter the claim area will be subject to disqualification, fine and/or suspension.

9) Only a driver may claim, and only the claimed driver or his/her car owner may agree to accept or refuse the claim. The first statement of acceptance or rejection of the claim by the claimed driver or car owner is binding.

10) Any driver or car owner refusing to accept a claim will forfeit all winnings and contingency prizes for that event, be disqualified for the night, will forfeit all track points earned up to that point and will not be allowed to receive track points at any future event during the season in the Claimer class.

11) Any driver or car owner refusing to accept a claim forfeits his/her right to make a claim for a period of one (1) year from the date of refusal. In the event of a dispute between driver and car owner whether to accept or refuse a claim, the decision of the driver shall overrule that of the car owner.

12) Sabotage of claimed car, or any parts on claimed car, will result in driver being suspended from all Vado Speedway Park events for fourteen (14) days and until a $1,000 fine is paid and received by the General Manager. Driver will also forfeit all track points accumulated up to, and including, the event at which the sabotage occurred. Furthermore, driver will forfeit the privilege to make a claim for a period of one (1) year from the date on which the sabotage occurred.

13) Driver may claim a maximum of three (3) times during the calendar year.

14) Driver must compete in a minimum of three (3) consecutive events (that the Claimer class competes in) prior to the event at which he/she makes a claim.

15) The Vado Speedway Park reserves the right to disallow any claim for any reason at their discretion.