New Mexico Motorsports Coalition formed to lobby state government

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June 6, 2020  |  by Chris Stepan

Owners and operators of every motorsports facility, along with racing related industries and professionals located in the state of New Mexico today announced the formation of the New Mexico Motorsports Coalition (NMMC). The purpose of the coalition is to bring awareness of the motorsports industry and serve as a lobbying arm as it pertains to racing in New Mexico.

NMMC members have formulated a four-step, one-year plan to operate their facilities safely and responsibly.

NMMC’s plan to safely resume racing is being supported by the Performance Racing Industry (PRI). PRI serves as the motorsports industry's key source for trends, merchandising ideas, new products, business strategies, and more. PRI is committed to ensuring the resumption of racing, which would provide desperately needed economic stimulus to New Mexico and a morale boost to its residents.

Chris Stepan, General Manager of the Vado Speedway Park in Vado, New Mexico, is the spokesperson for the NMMC.

NMMC has released the following statement:

“In an effort to inform and educate the Governor of New Mexico’s staff, and with guidance by leading local, regional and national industry professionals, we have submitted the New Mexico Motorsports Coalition (NMMC) plan to the New Mexico Governor’s Recovery Council.

We have presented a comprehensive plan to immediately reopen motorsports facilities safely and responsibly in New Mexico with significant compromise and tremendous restrictions to our normal operating procedures. Motorsports venues are unique with large spectator areas, open spaces and adequate acreage for reasonable management of spectators and participants. We are confident the NMMC plan will give adequate protection to all motorsports fans, participants and staff as required by the Centers for Disease Control. “

The NMMC’s four-step, one-year plan is here.

For more information, please contact Chris Stepan at chris.stepan@vadospeedwaypark.com.

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