Momma, there goes that man again

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September 28, 2018  |  by Sarah Q. Stevens

Bumper Jones won the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified main event.
Bumper Jones won the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified main event.

So, I realize this isn’t basketball we are talking about. And I realize that I am not Mark Jackson. But in tonight’s racing action we would once again see Bumper Jones drive away with the victory. And as we would see the best racing of the night unfold, Fito Gallardo get caught up in lap traffic, Bumper would run that high line all the way to the checkered flag. Jake Gallardo would be breathing down his neck of the last 8 laps. But ultimately, momma there goes that man again.

Tonight’s racing action would begin with the Claimers. With 20 cars checked in for racing action, we would have 2 heats. Heat 1 would be many of the top Enduro cars from the night before, unable to get racing out of their system after 200 laps. In fact, heat 1 would belong to the previous night Enduro winner Steve McGuire in the 2Mild. Coming in a close 2nd would be the 10G of Chris Gutierrez. Heat 2 would belong to Sean Privette in the #7. With Dylan “it’s miller time” Miller coming in 2nd in his #55 machine. It would be Privette in the Main Event taking the lead and lapping the entire field to come the winner. As Privette came to the win, Stefnie Smith in the 87S would come to the white flag and ultimately a 2nd place finish. Gabriel Ledesma would come in 3rd, also scored a lap down in the 54G. Mitchell Penn in the 01 would come in 4th, and Harry Davis Jr. in the #444 would round out the top 5. In an unusual turn of events, on the last night of racing for the Claimers for the season, we would have a claim. Jannah Josselyn would come forward post-race, money in hand to claim the 2nd place car Stefnie Smith that would be claimed. As the rules read if you deny the claim, you forfeit all points for the season. It would not only cost Smith the points from tonight, it would cost her the championship she had secured. Leaving El Paso’s Gabriel Ledesma in the 54G the 2018 Claimer class champion. On a side note, and to help him possible sell his claimer, the winning 7 of Privette is still available should anyone be looking for a fast race ready claimer.

The USRA Stock Cars would next to the track. With 13 stock cars checked in, we would run 2 heats. Last week’s Main Event winning car, the #8 would take the victory in heat 1. Tonight, it would be piloted by Mark Smith. The #46 of Zach McCoy would fall in behind him in 2nd, in his return to Southern New Mexico Speedway. Heat 2 would be dominated by the 777, this weekend piloted by owner Pete Vargas. Jed Smith in the 171 would come in 2nd. The Main Event would find Zach McCoy driving his #46 to the front in the first 10 laps of racing action. Once he had the lead, he would hit perfectly his marks and hold off the rest of the field. A late race charge would find Donavon Flores in the 07 running down McCoy. However, the #46 would be perfect in his last time through 3 and 4, and take home the W. Flores would finish 2nd. And it would be Mark Smith in the #8 holding off the 171 of Jed Smith to finish 3rd. Jed would finish 4th with the 10 of Bryan Bennett rounding out the top 5.

Next, we would have the Super Trucks hit the track. There would 16 Super Trucks checked in for their 2 heats of racing action. It would be newcomer to the class, but experienced modified driver Jared Perez bringing home the win in heat 1. Patrick Beach would wheel his #1 truck to a 2nd place finish behind Perez. Heat 2 would find the #5 of Russell Allen in the #1 position as the checkered flag waved. Devan Smith in the #22 would following and finish 2nd. Main Event action would not be without incident. Russell Allen would make his way around front running of Rusty Bowen in the #98 and hold off Bowen for the win. In his first Super Truck Main Event win. Rusty Bowen would finish 2nd. Devan Smith would make him way from the back of the pack after having to go to the work area to fix a flat tire, to come in 3rd. The L750 of Todd Froats would finish 4th, with Ben Ives rounding out the top 5. Froats and Ives would spend most of the race swapping positions in clean, minimal contact racing. Just the kind of racing we like to see.

Here come the Modifieds. With 23 Modifieds checked in for racing action, the first of 3 heats would find the 131 of Royals wheel himself to a win. Fito Gallardo piloting the G17 would fall in behind Jones for a 2nd place finish. Heat 2 would find Jimmy Ray in the #9 running up high to his victory. Rick Gallardo would come in 2nd behind Ray in his M16 machine. Heat 3 would find Bumper Jones in the 111 in the winner’s circle with the 50R of Robert Adams coming in 2nd. The Main Event would look like all of the best of the best of Modified drivers would be unleashed. Jimmy Ray would shoot out of a rocket and find the high line early and hold on to it. That would be until the G17 of Fito Gallardo would make his way around him and take the lead. Bumper Jones in the 111 would find the same bad fast grove as Ray and Gallardo, with Jake Gallardo behind him battling to get up front. With less than 10 laps to go, and with the G17 still out in front, lap traffic would come in to play. Gallardo would go into 1 and 2 and be pushed up and out of the grove by the #7 of Derel Lackey as he went to lap him. That stumble with assistance would be the break that Jones need to overtake the lead. Bumper would take the lead in 111 and once again hold off the J17 of Jake Gallardo to win the race. Jake would be in Bumper’s track marks and running him down, when the race would come to an end after 30 laps. Carlos Ahumada Jr., would be running right up there with all of the top 5 throughout the race. The younger Ahumada would end up finishing 3rd. Fito would rebound and the G17 would make his way back up to a 4th place finish. Jimmy Ray would round out the top 5 in his #9 machine. At any time during the last 10 laps of the race, any of the top 7 finishers could have been the winner. Which makes the modified racing some of the very best we have seen; as much of the season’s races have been.

Don’t forget that we have the 3rd night of racing of the weekend happening Saturday night. We look forward to seeing all of you out again.