Buuuuuuumper Jones

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September 22, 2018  |  by Sarah Q. Stevens

If you have never heard me say that, I am sure it is hard for you to understand. But as he was coming into lap traffic coming off of turn 2, that’s all I said “Buuuuuuumper Jones.” Anyone wanting to hear exactly how I see, please feel free to come to the tower. With 4 laps left, Bumper would get around Jake Gallardo in the J17 and take the lead. I get tired of reading myself write that this was one of the best Modified races that we have had. So instead of saying that, I will just say that his pass made me stand up in the scoring tower. And that doesn’t happen very often. Only the very best racing can get me to stand up.

Our exciting night of racing would start with 2 heat races for the Super Trucks. With 14 Super Trucks checked in for the night, Heat 1 would find Dennis McMaster in his #16 take home the win. Patrick Beach in his #1 truck would come home in 2nd. Heat 2 would find Devan Smith out in front and taking the win in the #22. Todd Froats would wheel his L750 truck to a 2nd place finish. The Main Event, would be almost flawless. Sure, there was a little bit of rubbing……….but hey, that’s racing. Right? Patrick Beach would take off and take the lead for the first ½ of the race. Unfortunately, amid race yellow due to the #72 of Bryan Christie losing his drive shaft. That yellow would be the last thing that Beach wanted to see or needed. Sherman Barnett would get around Beach shortly after the restart and wheel his #82 to the front. Lloyd Duffey would follow close behind Sherman. Sherman would prove too fast for anyone to catch. Lloyd would end up 2nd. Devan Smith would finish 3rd in the 22. Beach would end up 4th for the night. And rounding out the top 5 would be Russell Allen in his #5. That mid race yellow would also hurt Allen on the restart he would lose his 2nd place running position. It would be an impressive Super Truck Main Event, even with the rubbing. They would have only the one yellow, hence me calling it an almost flawless race.

The USRA Stock Cars would be the next to hit the track. With 10 Stock Cars checked in, there would be 2 heat races. Without X Modifieds running for the night, Nathan Smith would jump back in the #8 Stock Car. With only 1 race in the car for this season, and a low points average, he would start up front in the heat race. And never look back. He would win in commanding fashion his heat. Tyler Beiter would come in 2nd in his #81 machine. Heat 2 would be dominated by Anton Salopek piloting the John Diamond #10 stock car for the night. Justin Allen would be the guest pilot this weekend of the 777. He would finish 2nd. Nathan Smith a 3-time X Modified Main Event winner, would still be able to start up front in the Stock Car A Main. Per the rules, he would have had to start in the tail only if he had won a championship or a Main Event in a USRA Modified, Late Model, or Sprint Car. That pole starting position would be beneficial for Nathan. But it would be his smoothness and hitting his marks perfectly in the corners that would keep him running out front. On a late race yellow and restart, it looked like his Dad Jed Smith might have something to get around Nathan. However, he was black flagged with 3 to go, in what was deemed by the flag man to be rough driving. That would leave Donavon Flores in the 07 running 2nd. There would not be enough laps for Donovan to catch and pass Nathan. He would end up 2nd. Wyatt Loveland in the #97 would settle in for a 3rd place finish Jason Josselyn in his #74 would come in 4th. And it would be Paul Telles Jr. in the 48T rounding out the top 5.

There would be 14 Claimers checking in tonight’s racing action. They would have 2 heat races and Art Davis in the 24B would be victorious in heat 1. Diana Gonzales in the 33G would run 2nd place. Richard Smith would run his #48 to a 1st place finish in heat 2. With Mitchell Penn making his way back out to the Southern New Mexico Speedway, in the 01 coming in 2nd. The A Main would be just as good to Art Davis as the heat race. It would not be as kind to the 33G of Diana Gonzales, the 48 of Richard Smith, or the 01 of Mitchell Penn. Art Davis would wheel his 24B machine to the win in the main event. In late race action, the 87S of Stefnie Smith would race her way to a 2nd place finish. She would edge out the #52 of Alfred Hicks, who would end up finishing 3rd. Gabriel Ledesma in the 54G would come in 4th. And Adam Burma in the #62 would round out the top 5.

In a surprise addition back to the schedule, and for a non-points race, there would be Mini Sprints checking in for the night’s racing action. Nick Kelly would win Heat 1 in the #8. Brian Baca would come in 2nd in the 15E. In Main Event racing action, Brian Baca would not start. And Nick Kelly would break after leading the Main. This would open the door for the #17 of Jody Lawhorn. Lawhorn would lap the entire field in his win tonight. Christian White in his #5 would come in 2nd. And Drew Cassidy would finish 3rd for the night in her #3 machine.

We would have 27 USRA Modifieds check in for racing action. Heat 1 would be won by the #85 of Austin Adams. Carlos Ahumada Jr. in the 65X would win heat 2. It would be Bumper Jones winning heat 3. And Fito Gallardo would be victorious in heat 4. The decision would be made to bypass a B Main, and start all 27 USRA Modifieds in the A Main. Philip Houston would make his way back to SNMS for racing action tonight and start out front in his #71 machine. It would be no surprise to find Houston running up top for the better part of the race. He would soon find himself run down and surrounded by Gallardos. It would Jake in the J17 that would take the lead, and father Fito would find himself running close behind and taking over 2nd. It was hard to see exactly when Bumper would edge his way to the front. But at any given point, any of those cars could easily have won the race. Bumper would get by Houston and Fito initially and run behind Jake. Lap traffic would come into play a coming out of turn 2, I would find myself standing up and saying Buuuuuuuuumper Jones. He had been the faster car on the track for at least 7 laps prior to him taking the lead. Unfortunately, Jake would not find his way through lapped traffic as easily. He would make contact with the #23 of Kevin Clark and due to the involvement rule, be sent to the back. Fito line up behind Bumper, but would be denied a line where he could get around Bumper. The G17 would finish 2nd. Philip Houston would run hard and up front with those guys; coming in 3rd. Jimmy Ray would quietly sneak his way to a 4th place finish. With Robert Adams in the #50 rounding out the Top 5.

Congratulations to all of tonight’s winners. Don’t forget the Enduro Thursday Night. With Racing Friday and Saturday as well. As we close out the last regular season races at Southern New Mexico Speedway.