Charging to the front, up high

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September 15, 2018  |  by Sarah Q. Stevens

Several new nicknames came out of tonight’s PowRI 305 Sprint Car A Main event. Most notable was Derek DeMartino being called the “High Side Hustler”. And there was no doubt as to why. He charged to the front, up on the very high line; in commanding fashion. DeMartino would make his way around the 15 of Ricky Holden coming out of 1 and 2, and never look back.

Racing action would begin with the USRA Stock Cars with 2 heats and 14 cars checked in. We would see veteran racer Jack Skillin wheel his #22 machine to victory lane in Heat 1. With Cardinal Speedway regular Mark Lord in the 131 coming in 2nd. Heat 2 would belong to the 171 of Jed Smith who would get around the 48T Paul Telles, Jr and hold him off. Telles would settle in behind him for a strong 2nd place finish. The Main would see positions swapping back and forth in the beginning. With Mark Lord and his #131 making it to the front and holding off the likes of Jed Smith and Donovan Flores. Donavon Flores would lose a tire, but with the fluid left on the track after Rick Skillin would blow up the motor in his #02 car; he would have time to change his tire and make it back to the track. Unfortunately, there would not be enough laps left for him to make it back to a top 3 run. And Bryan Bennett in the #10 would squeeze by the 171 of Jed Smith and steal 2nd. Jed Smith would finish 3rd. Devon Jobin in the 81K would finish 4th, with the 777 driven this week by Don Parra would round out the top 5.

There would be 9 Late Models checked in, with 1 heat race. And it would be all Jonathon Ortega in his #22 machine in heat race action. He would make it out front and be impossible to reel in. Josh Cain in the #59 would settle in behind him in 2nd. And Javier Zapien Jr. would wheel his #3 car to a 3rd place finish. The Main Event would add to the line up the J17 of Jake Gallardo, who missed heat race action earlier in the night. Jake would make his presence known as he would go from the tail end of the field to the front within the first 5 laps. He would take the 1st place running position, up high and bad fast. He would be as smooth as cream cheese on a bagel, as Ruben Mireles would put it. However, post-race tech would once again claim a Gallardo victory. Due to deck height, Jake would finish the race running #1, but not win. It would be Jonathon Ortega in the #22 with the win of the night. Ortega would also find himself on that top line charging as well. Josh Cain would finish in 2nd place. Dr Dave Deetz would edge out the #3 of Javier Zapien to finish 3rd with Zapien finishing 4th. Xavier Ortega in the 24X would round out the top 5.

In a INEX regional qualifier for the Casa Nissan Legends, there would be 17 cars checked in and 2 heats. The first heat would belong to the 717 of Teddy McCutcheon. David Lackey in the 58L would come in 2nd. A first lap yellow in the heat race would end the night unfortunately for Josh Jackson in his #37 machine as he would get together with Chelsea Scott. Heat 2 would find the B52 of Cameron Sogge in victory lane. The #1 of Eli Woody would come in 2nd. In Main Event racing action, we would welcome the 4Z of Dylan Harris would sit out heat racing action. He would make a pass coming out of 3 and 4 early in the race (on the high side) to take the lead. And as we all have witnessed, once he was up there-he was almost impossible to catch or beat. But it would not be without an amazing push and charge that of Daniel Blaeser in the 1I. Daniel would give all that he had, just not have enough time to get up to or around Harris. Blaeser would finish in 2nd. Lucas Ward in his #11 machine would have a super strong 3rd place finish. Gunner Harris would finish 4th in his 54 machine and Eli Woody would round out the top 5 in the #1 car.

We would have 16 PowRi 305 Sprint Cars check in for heat race action. Heat 1 would be won by the 97 of Derek DeMartino after a post-race DQ of the 40X of Don Grable. Ricky Holden would find himself in the runner up spot. Heat 2 would find Richard Wilbee in the #65 in victory lane. Royal Jones in his #131 would come in 2nd. Ricky Holden would find himself running out front in the main event. However, as he got into lap traffic-the more seasoned driver of Derek DeMartino would get around him Holden. Holden would hold on as long as he could to that position, but a late race surge would catapult the 21TX of Brandon Schure around him to finish the race right behind DeMartino. Ricky Holden would settle in to finish 3rd. Robert Herrera would come in 4th holding off the 40X of Don Grable who would round out the top 5.

We would have 20 USRA X Modifieds check in for 3 heats of racing action. And it would be the X777 of Mike Rosales wheeling his car to the number one spot in heat 1. Hot on his heels or rear bumper in this case, would be the 8N of Nick Rivera. Rivera would finish 2nd. Heat 2 would belong to current points leader Justin Allen in the #33. Cooper Guffey would be right behind him coming in 2nd. Heat 3 would belong to the #47 of El Paso’s Mingo Jauregui. “The Hurricane” Josh Cain would come home in 2nd in the #3J. Mike Rosales in the X777 would find himself leading the Main Event for the first part of the X Mods. Jake Gallardo in the J17 would get by Rosales on the high side and find himself in a totally different area code than the rest of the field. With Gallardo checked out, the real racing action would be right behind him. Mike Rosales would hold and wheel his X777 to a strong 2nd place finish. Mingo Jauregui in his #47 would wheel that hotrod to a solid 3rd place finish. In impression fashion, Mingo would opt to leave the high line open for everyone else and run the bottom. And he made it work. Justin Allen in his #33 machine would come in 4th place and Sherman Barnett in the #82 would round out the top 5.
Congratulations to all our winners for the night. And awesome run for Derek “The High side Hustler” DeMartino.