Jones revisits victory lane

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August 26, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Bumper Jones won the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified feature.
Bumper Jones won the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified feature.
Drivers and fans couldn't stop talking about the race track conditions. By hot laps the race track was in excellent shape. Every heat race had three wide racing with close finishes. The Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds, Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars, Casa Nissan Legends, Shaw Trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Models, and The Body Works Super Trucks took the track on an August 26th edition at the Southern New Mexico Speedway.

The Body Works Super Trucks kicked the main event action off as Oodie Black and Ben Ives set the front row of the twenty lap feature. At the green, Oodie Black lead the first two laps until Jaime Bejarano showed up to the party on lap three after starting ninth. Brian Kline battled Bejarano for the lead on the bottom until a caution flew on lap six. On the restart Bejarano lead it until "No-Mercy" Christy Barnett stole it on the next round. Bejarano tried keeping up until Rusty Bowen challenged for the runner-up position. Brian Kleine then joined the action making it a three wide battle for second. Brian Kleine would win the battle and try to chase down Barnett. A caution flew on lap fourteen. On the restart "No-Mercy" ran away with now Walton Kyle Sr joining the battles in the top five. It was a good battle for second as Bejarano and Kleine battled but at the end it was Christy Barnett who ran away to win The Body Works Super Truck main event.

The Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars had a rough start as four cautions flew before five laps were completed. It was the Jed Smith show until he spun while leading in three and four. On the restart Pete Vargas stole the lead. Donovan Flores would sneak to the front on lap ten. Jaime Torres would follow. Lapped traffic came into play with five to go. At the end Torres was faster the Flores, but lapped traffic made them dance around. At the end Torres had a good run on the exit of four, but it was still Donovan Flores at the line as he picks up another Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car main event win.

The twenty lap Shaw Trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Model main event was an early Tury Ordonez show until Bumper Jones got around him on lap two with Fito Gallardo jumping to second. Gallardo would slide job Jones for the lead until Jones answered the phone call in three and four. Fito would throw another slide job in turns one and two. That would seal it for Fito as he ran away! Jacob Gallardo would get to second on lap twelve. Jacob would close the gap Fito had with three laps to go. It was a side by side Gallardo battle for the lead and at the line it was a close one! Fito Gallardo would pick up the Shaw Trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Model main event win.

Joshua Jackson had a perfect night as he won the heat, dash, and had no trouble in the feature. The twenty lap Casa Nissan Legends main event was owned by Jackson at the start. Three cautions flew before we completed four laps. Daniel Blaeser followed Jackson until Dylan Harris jumped to second, but would spin out in turns one and two after hitting the tire! Jackson would run away to win the Casa Nissan Legends main event.

It was a fast track for the Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds as the twenty-five lap feature started with Butch Reid Jr leading the way. Butch Reid Jr unloaded his car before the races to find out the left front shock mount was broken! A quick weld would solve the problem and performed good as he lead the first six laps until a caution flew. On the restart Bumper Jones would waist no time. Three laps after the restart Jones would open up to a half straightaway lead. Christy Barnett and Butch Reid Jr battled for second behind. A back to back caution era flew on lap nine. It didn't stop Bumper Jones as he would run away this time by a whole straightaway with eight laps to go. Christy Barnett had a fast machine on the bottom holding onto second as Bumper Jones would run away to win the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified main event!