Wofford wheels it to victory lane

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July 29, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Lorne Wofford won the ASCS Southwest 360 Sprint Car feature.
Lorne Wofford won the ASCS Southwest 360 Sprint Car feature.
Over 1,000 fans came out Saturday to watch the best racing action in the Southwest at the Southern New Mexico Speedway as we featured the $5,000-to-win Stock Car Smack Down. Joining the action were the fast ASCS 360 Winged Sprint Cars, The Body Works Super Trucks, Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest, and the Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds.

The Body Works Super Trucks kicked the night off with main event action. Eighteen Super Trucks checked in for the twenty lap feature. Ben Ives set the front row with Dennis McMaster, but at the green Christy Barnett who started inside row three got to the lead in no time! Jaime Bejarano followed "No-Mercy" to the front as he started right behind in row four. Walton Kyle Sr worked his way to third as he started inside row five. Lloyd Duffey battled Dennis McMaster for fourth as Duffey was working early after starting twelfth. Christy Barnett extended her lead by a half straightaway as Walton Kyle Sr. would then battle Bejarano for second! By lap nine Barnett had a straightaway lead. Lloyd Duffey meanwhile working the wheel as he would get to second on lap fourteen! By the time Duffey got to the runner-up position it was to late as Barnett was gone. It was a caution free Super Truck main event as Duffey worked super hard after starting twelfth and getting to second, but "No-Mercy" Christy Barnett was firing on all cylinders tonight as she clean sweeps the weekend in The Body Works Super Trucks.

Twenty-nine Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds checked in for battle calling for a great twenty-five lap feature. Shane Helton shared the front row with Jesse Hayne, but Fito Gallardo took it away at the start as the inside row two starter knew it was go time as he shared the second row with Bumper Jones. Josh Cain came out to play this weekend with the modifieds as he jumped to second on lap two. Fito Gallardo lead the pack to the first caution on lap six for Ricardo Olague Jr. spun causing Jacob Gallardo who came out of the b-main, Henry Valdez, and Austin Adams to clash in turns one and two. On the restart Bumper Jones was on the trigger as he got around Cain and gave Gallardo something to worry about on the bottom! Terry Tipton also powered that Ford power plant to third! Four laps later Gallardo would finally get some breathing space as Jones was a half straightaway behind. That all went away on lap thirteen as a caution for Carlos Ahumada Jr spinning in turn two. Fito Gallardo had his hot rod rolling good as Jones continued to run second with a super tight race car. Dustin Smith challenged Tipton for third as they battled a good two laps until another caution flew as Henry Valdez did a full 360 in turn four causing Ricardo Olague to spin in turn four and drawing the yellow. On the lap ten restart a good battle took place for third between Dustin Smith, Josh Cain, and Terry Tipton. 'the Hurricane" Josh Cain would get third on lap seventeen. Tom Georges would bring out the final caution on lap nineteen for going over turn two. It was an easy drive to the checker flag for Fito Gallardo as he would win the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified feature to go back to back!

An outstanding field of Casa Nissan Legends checked in as twenty-four Legends checked in for battle. Eric McCoy had the front row with Greg McCoy as the McCoy boys kicked off the show. At the green Cooper Guffey lead the feature with Eli Woody following. Dylan Harris worked his way from the out side of row six quickly as he would get the lead on lap five. Harris would lead two laps until a caution flew on lap six. Dusty Riggs would get to second on the restart! A caution flew on lap eleven. The restart was all owned by Dusty Riggs! Riggs would get to the lead with Harris fading to third. Issac Sherman would jump to second. Riggs would pull away to win but unfortunately disqualified at tech for a missed place part of led on his car. Sherman would pick up the win with the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest.

The Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars battled fifty laps for a grand prize of five thousand dollars! Nathan Smith and Travis Sutherlin established the front row. Smith lead the first lap until Jacob Gallardo would take the lead on lap two! By lap 16, six cautions flew and the action began as Donovan Flores had worked his way to second. Gallardo would pull away from the field as Flores followed with Victor Colobrio jumping to third after starting 18th. At the halfway mark Colobrio challenged Flores for second! Flores then got alerted as he knew it was go time. On lap 38, Gallardo had company. Donovan Flores took care of Colobrio and would catch the triple seven! Flores would work his way around Gallardo on lap 39. A caution flew on lap 41 and Gallardo found himself third. On lap 43, Jacob Gallardo's engine went sour! Donovan Flores would take care of the final laps to win the $5,000 pay day!

Donovan Flores won the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car feature.

It was ASCS Southwest 360 Sprint Car time at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. Twenty-two cars got set for twenty-five rounds around the speedway. Kyle McCutcheon and Lorne Wofford kicked the main event off with Lorne Wofford pulling to the lead quickly. McCutcheon followed with Colton Hardy and Wes Wofford battling for third. Wes Wofford would get to second on lap seven trying to chase down Lorne. Lap twelve Colton Hardy got to third as McCutcheon faded. The Southern New Mexico Speedway surface then got rubber. It was a follow the leader show. A red flag would fly for Ricky Holden who went straight into the wall after mechanical failures went for a wicked wide head on into the wall. Holden managed to climb out of his sprint car as the fifteen year old was okay! The final eight laps were all owned by Lorne Wofford as he would pick up the ASCS Southwest feature win!