Nature preps tack for night one of Summer Sizzle

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July 28, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Mother nature washed up the Southern New Mexico Speedway an hour before the races calling for a 9:14.p.m start time. Fans of the southwest stayed with us till two of the morning as we didn't quit. Heat races started off slow, but drivers and fans knew it was going to be a fast one for the features. It was night one of two at the Southern New Mexico Speedway for this weekend Summer Sizzle featuring the ASCS Southwest 360 Sprint Cars, Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds, Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars, The Body Works Super Trucks, and the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest.

The Body Works Super Trucks were the first feature out at 11:44 calling for a twenty lap feature as eighteen trucks checked in for battle. Brian Kleine lead the opening laps with Lloyd Duffey right on him! A caution flew on lap eight and on the restart Christy Barnett who started seventeenth was now looking for the lead! "No-Mercy" drove the wheels off her Barnett Harley-Davidson machine as she would get to the lead on lap nine and leave the field behind. Two late cautions flew, but it didn't stop "No-Mercy" from the seventeenth starting position to win The Body Works Super Truck feature!

Rancho Milagro USRA Modified action was super fast with tonight's conditions as twenty-six USRA Modifieds checked in calling for a great twenty-five lap feature. At the start Dr. Tom Georges had a great start and lead lap one. A caution flew on lap two for Christy Barnett and Timmy Tharp in turn four. On the restart Tom Georges fired on all cylinders once again and lead the full pack of modifieds with Dustin Smith trying to win on his wife's birthday challenging Georges for the lead. Bumper Jones would run third followed by Fito Gallardo and Jesse Hayne. Gallardo battled Jones for third and would get it on lap four. Fito found momentum and would power his way by Smith for runner-up. Lap five Fito Gallardo would snatch the lead from Dr. Tom. Bumper would chase down Georges for second, then shrieked Gallardo's lead. Five laps later Bumper was faster on the bottom and had Gallardo out of four! Jones was about to get the lead until Sherman Barnett who was going a lap down out of four went low and took out Bumper! Jones would come to a complete stop in the mud down in four forcing him to go to the back. At the restart on lap eleven Fito took off with Dustin Smith running a strong second and now Jacob Gallardo third. Another caution flew this time for Sherman again spinning out in turn two. On the restart Jacob Gallardo would get around Dustin Smith for second! It became the "Gallardo Show"! Jacob followed his dad for five laps until two cautions flew in a row. One for a pile up in turn two involving Tom Georges, Jesse Hayne, and Noah Hollingshead. Second caution was for Jimmy Ray getting loose causing Terry Tipton, and Royal Jones to clash. With eight to go on the restart Zane DeVilbiss was now third! Things heated up quickly as Fito and Jacob Gallardo battled for the lead. The G17 to the top and the G3 on the bottom! Zane DeVilbiss had a front row seat. With five to go the Gallardos went side by side! Jacob got the lead with four to go! Jacob had Fito cleared but it was slimy on the top that allowed Fito to get back around Jacob! It was a stellar finish as Fito Gallardo would win the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified main event. Bumper Jones would work his was back to seventh.

Fans filled with energy at 12:50 am as the Casa Nissan Legends came on the track for their twenty lap feature. Dusty Riggs would get the lead early! Riggs would lead the way as multiple yellows flew. Dave Smith returned and had a great run. Smith would make noise at the end challenging Riggs for the lead but didn't happen. Dylan Harris would battle Issac Sherman, and Robert Gayton in the top five. Dusty Riggs was just way to fast tonight as he ends the Dylan Harris streak!

Thirty-nine Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars checked in for the opening night of the Stock Car Showdown as we had the twenty-four car feature set for night one. Jaime Torres lead the first three leaps easy with two cautions flying until Jacob Gallardo challenged for the lead! Gallardo was fast as he drives Pete Vargas's #777 car for the weekend. On lap six Jacob took the lead from Torres. Four cautions flew while Gallardo had the lead but it didn't stop him from putting on a clinic to win night one of the Summer Sizzle.

Two minutes shy from being 2:00 am and fans were fired up for the ASCS Southwest 360 Winged Sprint Cars! Twenty-three ASCS Southwest Sprint Cars checked in for battle representing the Grand Canyon State, Lone Star State, and the beautiful Land of Enchantment. Twenty -five rounds around the Southern New Mexico Speedway was set as Wes Wofford and Joshua Shipley established the front row. At the green Shipley would spin in turns one and two in front of the whole field! Everyone was on the binders and avoided Shipley. Take two at the start was then Lance Norick spinning in turn two with Don Grable and Jesse Baker having nowhere to go and clashing in turn four. It was on take three that we had life as Wes Wofford and Royal Jones now set the front row. Wes Wofford took off, but not so long as Royal Jones kept him company. Lap three a back to back caution era came out for Mark Clark the rookie in the ASCS Southwest 360 Sprint Cars Series would spin twice. On the restart Wes Wofford would sustain the lead with John Carney the II challenging Jones for the runner-up position. Carney would get the position the next go around. Wes Wofford had a good lead until a caution flew on lap nine for the ASCS Southwest points leader by 61 over Rick Ziehl coming into the weekend spun in turn two! At the start Wes Wofford and John Carney the II were flying around the Southern New Mexico Speedway as the moisture made it nice and fast. Five laps later they caught lapped traffic! Wes Wofford went high entering turn three but Carney went in low coming out of turn four with the lead! Both Wofford and Carney raced through lapped traffic with now Royal Jones making some noise! Jones let them raced hard and came in strong on the bottom. Jones would pass Wofford for second. The final five laps were a party! Kyle McCutcheon, Derek DeMartino and Wes Wofford all battled for a top three! The highest 305 would cash in $750.00 sponsored by Zipp Construction, Casey Minks, and Turf Auto Sales. DeMartino would race his way to third in a 305! At the end "the Wildman" Kyle McCutcheon would do an outstanding pass on the bottom of four for third! Derek DeMartino would finish fourth followed by Wes Wofford. Royal Jones came close at the end on the bottom trying to get around Carney, but it didn't happen as John Carney the II would pick up the ASCS Southwest feature win on night one of Summer Sizzle.