Jacob Gallardo parks it for Jessica Miller

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July 15, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Jacob Gallardo won the Rancho MiLagro USRA Modified feature.
Jacob Gallardo won the Rancho MiLagro USRA Modified feature.

Jacob Gallardo's win with the Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds couldn't have been more emotional then tonight's victory. Stopping Bumper Jones and banking the $1,000.00 bounty wasn't the main plan for Jacob Gallardo tonight as he wanted to park in victory lane for Jessica Miller. Fito Gallardo would also park in victory lane with the Shaw Trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Models. Donovan Flores from eleventh to win the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car main. Plus Christy Barnett picking up another Super Truck feature win, and Dylan Harris keeping the streak alive with the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest.

Twelve Shaw Trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Models checked in for battle calling for a sweet twenty lap feature. Cliff Hansen set the front row with "No Mercy" Christy Barnett. At the green Barnett wasted to time and broke into a comfortable lead. Xavier Ortega battled his brother Jon Ortega for the runner-up position. Xavier Ortega would win the battle allowing Fito Gallardo to then battle Jon Ortega for third on lap five. Lapped traffic then came into play for Barnett on lap eleven. Fito Gallardo would then jump to second, but a whole straightaway behind Barnett. With more lapped traffic slowing down the fourty-four of "No Mercy" Gallardo found himself two tenths of a second faster then Barnett. With five trips remaining Gallardo was now six tenths of a second faster then Barnett. Fito Gallardo couldn't get the job done as Christy Barnett would take the checker flag first. When it was all said and done, Barnett didn't attend tech. Therefore Fito Gallardo inherits the win. "It's not the way I wanted to win, but we'll take it" said Gallardo as he also picks up a victory for Jessica Miller on this night of celebrating Miller's life.

Fito Gallardo won the Shaw Trucking Southwest Dirtcar Late Model feature.

Another great night of USRA Stock Car racing took place at the Southern New Mexico Speedway as fifteen Sun Valley USRA Stock Cars checked in. Mark Smith and Bryan "Bro" Bagwell kicked off the twenty lap main. Mark Smith was smoother then a hot knife through butter as he would lead the opening five trips around the Southern New Mexico Speedway with his brother Nathan Smith challenging him for the lead. While the brothers battled for the spotlight Jason Josselyn would go right around the outside of corners one and two and kill two birds with one stone. Josselyn who has had a bad fast race car the previous nights at the Southern New Mexico Speedway tried to redeem himself tonight. Josselyn had the car and talent as he lead six laps until a caution flew for a pile up in turns one and two involving Bryan Bagwell, Mark Smith, Wyatt Loveland, and Bobby Canduso. The lap twelve restart had Donovan Flores's name written all over it as he would jump to the lead on the bottom. A late caution flew with six rounds left. The restart was no problem for the 07 of Flores as he would net the win with the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars. On the final turns of the race what looked like a third place finish for the Tularosa, New Mexico 74 team ended with a DNF as the right rear flew of the car and would flip in turn four coming to the checker! Josselyn still searching for air to breath in the 2017 season, but all safety gear doing it's job allowing Josselyn to walk out of that race car safe and sound.

The Body Works Super Trucks have been having outstanding truck counts as seventeen checked in for battle. Josh Hammond shared the front row with Todd Froats and Hammond wasted no time at the green. The fist lap belonged to the 30 of Hammond with a caution flying on lap two for Scott Kinney in three and four. Hammond had a strong restart leading lap two until another caution flew for Sherman Barnett this time on the top of turn three. Zero laps would be completed on the restart as it was a back to back caution era. Scott Kinney and Dennis McMaster would draw the yellow for clashing in one and two. After the rough start for The Body Works Super Truck drivers, they finally got some laps in. "No Mercy" Christy Barnett jumped to the lead on the lap three restart with Dave Deetz, Mike Garcia, Josh Hammond, and Lloyd Duffey following. Barnett would run away as Mike Garcia and Dave Deetz put on an outstanding battle for the runner up position. Mike Garcia would have a great run off the top of turn four jumping to second on lap seven. Good battles took place through the whole field with eyes on the previous winner Rusty Bowen battling for sixth with Chris Davis. Bowen would then lose it in turn two going for a spin and drawing the yellow. On the restart Barnett took off shaving another lap off the scoreboard after another caution flew. This time for Ben Ives and Dennis McMaster in turn four. On the restart Mike Garcia and Dave Deetz continued to battle for second allowing "No Mercy" to run away. A caution would then fly with three to go for Dave Deetz!! Deetz who was having a great run would now find himself in the back. On the green, green, white, checker finish Lloyd Duffey worked his way to second with Chris Davis following into third and Garcia slipping to fourth. Christy Barnett would pick up The Body Works Super Trucks feature win.

Christy Barnett won the Body Works Super Truck feature.

An unbelievable performance put on by Dylan Harris with the Casa Nissan Legends as he stops the twenty other drivers that checked in for tonight's twenty-five lap main event. Joshua Jackson lead the first lap with Albuquerque, New Mexico racer Robert Gayton gracing us with his presence jumping to the lead on lap two. Gayton lead the way with Dylan Harris quickly working his way to third on lap three after starting twelfth. Lap eight called for a caution as Mike Gonzalez spun in four. At the restart we wouldn't complete a lap as Laura Esquivel would go for a flight off of turn two! The red flag flew, and she walked away okay. Dylan Harris from third to second on the restart allowed him to work on Gayton. Harris gave it his all as Joshua Jackson didn't make it easy for him. Jackson challenged Harris for second. One car leaked a lot of fluids down the front straightaway which then lead to Jackson and Harris to clash in turn one! Both drivers would get their positions back for it being a track condition that caused them to crash, but Harris decided to retaliate slamming into the 37j of Jackson. Harris would go the the rear for retaliating. On the restart with ten laps to go Gayton showed the way with a caution then flying with five laps to go for Joshua Jackson slamming into your leader Robert Gayton!! Jackson would get the black flag allowing Gayton to retain his position. Gayton would then lead two more laps until a caution flew for Junior Esquivel, Daniel Blaeser, and Gunner Harris in turn four. At the green, white, checker flag restart out of nowhere here came Dylan Harris to the lead!? From the way back to the lead after being sent to the back didn't stop him from keeping the win streak alive! An unreal comeback for the 4z of Dylan Harris as he picks up the feature win with the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest.

Dylan Harris won the Casa Nissan Legends feature.

The full field of Rancho MiLagro USRA Modifieds kicked off the show with a missing woman formation for Jessica Miller. The parade lap was touching with tons of pink fireworks shooting into the air and hundreds of pink and white balloons being released by fans as we celebrated Jessica Miller's life tonight at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. "The Monster" Butch Reid Jr and Jacob Gallardo established the front row for the twenty-five lap feature. Jacob Gallardo would marry to top line of the Southern New Mexico Speedway and took off. Lapped traffic came quick on lap eight as Gallardo sliced though traffic quickly. Fito Gallardo would then make it a Gallardo Show! It's been a while since we've seen that show as they battled for the lead on lap sixteen while dancing through lapped traffic. Drivers would catch their breath on lap seventeen as the only caution of the feature flew for debris in turns one and two. On the restart Bumper Jones worked his way to fifth! Jones who didn't start his heat race after fuel pump problems had to start dead last in the b-main, and starting twentieth in the feature worked hard to get into the top five. It was an unreal battle for the 111, but he battled hard on the bottom trying to get around Royal Jones. The father and son battle lasted multiple rounds around the Southern New Mexico Speedway until Bumper finally powered his way around his father. Jones then looked for third but it was hard with Fito Gallardo and Zane DeVilbiss throwing slide jobs at each other left and right. Jones couldn't get around them as both DeVilbiss and Gallardo put on a stellar show for runner up allowing Jacob Gallardo to run away! "I couldn't handle it on the last lap, as I teared up hard coming to the checker" said Jacob Gallardo as it was an emotional one winning after the passing of Jessica Miller. "I know she loved this track for modifieds, and I'm glad I was able to get it done for her tonight. It will be hard not receiving that text message me and my dad always get after winning congratulating us from her" said Jacob as tears and emotions mixed during the interview. Jacob Gallardo would make Miller proud as she watched from the heavens, and also would finally end the $1,000.00 Bumper Jones Bounty presented by S&S Fishing & Rental, Pine Top Construction and G3 Fitness as Jones's winning streak ends and five.