Friday night lights

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April 21, 2017  |  by Ruben Mireles

Alex Kennedy won the Casa Nissan Legends Car feature.
Alex Kennedy won the Casa Nissan Legends Car feature.

Friday night lights at the Southern New Mexico called for a back-to-back outstanding night of racing. The second night of the 3rd Annual Casa Nissan Legends Spring Fling presented by Sound & Signal called for Legends Cars, Shaw Trucking Southwest Late Models, Jack Key Auto Group USRA X-Mods, Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars and Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds on this fine April 21, 2017.

Main event action kicked off with an outstanding Shaw Trucking Southwest Late Model main event. Christy Barnett and Jacob Gallardo shared the front row after a crazy opening night last night. At the start Jacob Gallardo lead the opening lap until Christy Barnett gassed up her #44 machine and went to the bottom. Christy was fast off of turn four, and went on to lead lap two. It was a Christy Barnett vs. Jacob Gallardo show for the lead. Gallardo was faster in the exit of turn two, but what matters is who's fast off or corner number four. Lap three a caution would fly for Carlos Ahumada Sr. looping his #54 machine in turns one and two. At the restart Christy Barnett would lead a lap until Jacob found momentum. It was a clean green flag run till the end, but with lapped traffic coming into play on lap eighteen. Gallardo had to get around Duane Murphy and Donnie Newcomb with Christy erasing his lead quickly. Jacob Gallardo would get around the lapped cars, and would earn the win, but wait it's not over. Just like night one when Christy won she got disqualified at tech, and Jacob Gallardo won. Tonight it was the complete opposite! Christy would win after Jacob Gallardo getting disqualified at tech for safety! Christy Barnett was very humble in her interview and said "Last night what I did was a mistake but I won fair and square last night, but tonight Jacob won fair and square"

Christy Barnett won the Shaw Trucking Southwest Late Model feature.

Jack Key Auto Group USRA X-Mod action was pretty good with sixteen X-Mods checking in. The twenty lap feature was lead by Rick Hall on lap one with a caution era following. Officials called a yellow for a safety hazed on the 18jr machine of Ricardo Olague Jr. Officials saw fuel leaking from his machine, but he was fine. Olague would keep his position for being stopped by an official. At the green another caution flew for Mike Rosales turning the 7c of John Carney Sr around down the back straightaway. A little three lap green flag run would follow with Rick Hall leading lap two, and Jimmy Ray pulling another trick out of the bag to get to the lead on lap three. On lap four another caution flew for debris entering turn one. The green came back out and Jimmy Ray would pull away as the top five went FOUR WIDE! Rick Hall, Gregory Gorham, Noah Hollingshead, and Jesse Hayne who started eleventh were four wide for second. Noah Hollingshead would win the battle and run to second. The battles continued with Justin Allen and Dickie Gorham joining the party. Allen and Gorham would battle for third, while Gregory Gorham, Jesse Hayne, and Rick Hall battled three wide behind them for fifth. A caution would then fly on lap nine for Ricardo Olague spinning in turn two. After that caution the only battle was Gregory Gorham and Justin Allen for fourth, with Jesse Hayne trying to get around them for a top five. Lap thirteen Hector Prigione would draw the final caution for spinning in turns one and two. At the restart Jimmy Ray continued to run away and would go two for two in this weekends Spring Fling.

Six Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars checked in for battle after loosing Jason Josselyn before the races even started as his engine would lock up in the pits before the races. Donovan Flores started on the pole with Nathan Smith to his outside. At the green Flores took off. Lap six called for a caution after Jed Smith looping it in turn two. Before the restart Jaime Torres had worked his way to second, but Flores was long gone. With the help of the restart Jaime would saddle up and go top shelf and show Flores some sheet metal. They both battled side by side for the lead a again until Flores stepped up his tempo. After five laps of side by side action for the lead Flores was now 2/10's of a second faster and put a good gap between him and Jaime. Donovan Flores would will keep his perfect weekend alive, and will try to clean sweep the Spring Fling in the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Car division.

Nineteen Rancho Milagro USRA Modifieds checked in for battle and Zane DeVilbiss and Royal Jones shared the front row. DeVilbiss would run away with the lead while Royal had a handful of Bumper Jones. The father and son battle ended with Bumper Jones second. Royal would then find himself along side with Tom Georges for third. Royal Jones would hold him off. Jared Perez showed up in the top five as he battled Tom Georges for third and got it. A caution would then fly on lap six for Kevin Clark suffering a right rear flat tire. At the restart Zane DeVilbiss took off once again. Fito Gallardo who started eighteenth, was battling Jared Perez for fifth!! A caution would then fly for Travis Tipton losing his drive shaft in turn four. Later the Gallardos would then invade the top five. It was DeVilbiss, Jones, and Fito side by side with Jacob Gallardo for third. Three laps later Jacob Gallardo would win the battle as Fito Gallardo faded and left the race. Jacob would then battle Bumper for second. They both switched lanes and Jacob Gallardo would run to runner up. Lap twenty-one called for lapped traffic. Zane DeVilbiss didn't let lapped traffic slow him down, and would hold of Jacob Gallardo to win the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified main event.

Zane DeVilbiss won the Rancho Milagro USRA Modified feature.

Final chance to get locked into the first four rows had the drivers of the Casa Nissan Legends driving hard in tonight's twenty-five lap main event! Flasher, North Dakota racer Troy Hoff shared the front row with Dylan Harris. Troy Hoff would lead lap one with Alex Kennedy taking it on lap two. Jesse Love and Joe Alvarado would cause a yellow as they clashed in turn four. A quick caution flew right at the restart for Joe Cuilty looping it in turns one and two. The third caution in a row flew this time for Joe Alvarado spinning in turn four at the start. Finally a good green flag run took place as Troy Hoff ran away with the torch till lap twelve. Dylan Harris would then take away the torch. Harris enjoyed the lead for one lap after mechanical issues ending his night nine laps shy to the checker. Troy Hoff would lead until a late caution flew for Tyler Beiter getting a bump from Alex Kennedy coming off of four as Kennedy was looking for the lead on the bottom sending Beiter around and hitting your leader! Hoff would suffer a flat tire and had to go to the back for changing a tire. Tyler Beiter would be charged for the yellow, and Alex Kennedy would take the lead. On the restart Kennedy took off to lock himself into the outside pole position for Saturday's sixty lap, five thousand to win main event! Robert Gayton would come home second, with Justin Comer and Josh Jackson fourth.