As the Thunder Roars, Gallardo Getting Going

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August 6, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

USRA Dirt Modifieds back in action at Southern New Mexico Speedway and a stacked field made for some fun in the desert! The USRA Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks. Peter Piper Pizza Super trucks, Everett Motorsports Mini Sprints, and Casa Nissan Legends cars also joining the fun tonight to keep things hot and heavy.

The Super trucks would have a full 25 laps tonight as the 6 of Walton Kyle Sr. would lead the first two laps until the Uno of Brian Kleine slide job for the big money only two laps in and the UNO leads! A yellow flag would fly after 3 laps but the 44 of Christie Georges Barnett coming from way back already to sit in third! The 44 and Uno would swap positions more than few times down the back. The Uno would clear the 44 into turn 3 but yellow would fly. The 44 would be all over the UNO for the next 8 laps, as the 33 of Lloyd Duffey would come charging into third to make it a three-way battle for the lead. The 44 looking to set up the Uno up high with 5 to go but it wont happen yet! UNO holding strong all the way around with 3 to go but here comes Christie!! Christie Georges Barnett with a beautiful slider to the outside in turn 4 and the 44 leads at the line with 2 to go!! A caution would give us a green white checkered finish but that wouldn’t be the end of it. A total of 4 attempts at the finish would leave us down to a lot less cars than we started with and the 82 and 6 stuck together in turn one. The 82 was on a charge and ending both his and the 6’s night. Finally getting back to green flag racing and at the end of this one it’s the 44 of Christie Georges Barnett winning yet another Super truck main event! The Uno of Brian Kleine on the drive tonight as second will have to do. The 33 of Lloyd Duffey with a late race attempt at the front but wont happen and third is where he lands.

The Everett motorsports mini sprints would run a quick race tonight as 15 laps was set on the board. The 11t of Theron Flack would lead lap 1 but not without a challenge from the field. The 29 of Don Kruse was all over him from the get go and so was the 167 of Cory Taylor. The 29 would finally be able to make something happen as they completed lap 6. Don Kruse would go to the front from there and never look back. The 11T would falter a little but never fall too far back as they 20 of Ricky Holden was there as well. As the checkered dropped it was the 29 of Don Kruse cruising to victory tonight. The 11t of Theron Flack bringing home a second tonight as the 20 of Ricky Holden rounds out the top 3.

Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks rocking and rolling now as 20 laps set on the board. The 10 of Bryan Bennett would lead lap one but it was last weeks winner of Donovan Flores shooting into the lead down low for lap 2. Flores would lead the next three but lap 5 would be all Lloyd Turner in the 0! Turner on a hard charge for the lead but Flores would net give up that easy and Flores leading lap 6 once again! Flores in charge of the pack for the next 3 but Lloyd Turner looking to take it back and he did with 10 in and 10 to go! Lloyd Turner would only have it for two laps this time because Donovan Flores finding the groove and going back to the front up high. A caution on lap 14 would slow down the momentum of the 07 and bring the field right back onto his rear bumper. The 44JT of Jaime Torres was there as well on the restart and things where about to get interesting. The 0 getting the 07 back on this restart and away goes Lloyd Turner. Flores fighting of Torres fro second with 4 to go but too late now as the 44JT finds the groove and goes with it. Jaime Torres right on the bumper of the 0 with 3 to go! Torres and Turner dueling in the desert! Turner holding off the 44JT but just barely with 2 laps still left on the clock. Turner will hold a strong last 2 laps and after a series of sliders and block passes. It Lloyd Turner taking another win at Southern New Mexico. Lloyd Turner would say after the race it was one of the most fun races he has ever been apart of. Jaime Torres ran him clean and hard and the 44JT with a second tonight.

Lloyd Turner won the Sun Valley Hardware Street Stock feature.

Casa Nissan Legends would have some wild rides tonight but it wouldn’t matter because The Wildman Kyle McCutcheon had them all cornered. After lap 1 McCutcheon would take the lead and never slow down. A few challengers made their way through the field to give the 13 a run but it was never meant to be. The constant challenge was from the 43 of Derek Demartino who almost had the lead more than once but could never capitalize. Another hard charger would be the 54 of Gunner Harris who had reeled in the 13 completely but trouble with a lapped car would end his night early. As the laps counted down a few more yellows would keep things interesting but the outcome would be the same. Leading almost every lap in this one was The Wildman Kyle McCutcheon in the 13 machine! Derek Demartino with a hard drive into second and the 2 of Kenny McCutcheon rounding out the top 3 with a stellar drive.

Kyle McCutcheon won the Casa Nissan Legends feature.

It was 25 laps for the USRA Dirt Modifieds tonight and 24 cars made the call. The 18 of Zane Devilbiss looked to be an unstoppable force early on as he was consistent and smooth down on the bottom. A few yellows inside the first 12 laps would keep things interesting but Devilbiss on the hammer every time and making it look easy up front. Company from the G17 and 111 would keep the 18 on his toes but lap 13 would call a changing of the guard as the J17 of Jake Gallardo slides underneath all 3 and will lead into turn 1! Jake Gallardo darting from high to low in that one and not to be denied. After Jake Gallardo took the lead the 18 would be right on him but not enough left on the bottom to make it count and the field was closing in. Jake Gallardo would look to be set in stone but a caution before he gets to the white and we have a green, white, checkered on our hands! The J17 leads the G1 and 111 back to green in this one. Bumper Jones taking the highline and Fito Gallardo has his G17 all the way on the bottom. The G17 up on him as they dart out but a slider from the G17!! G17 in front. Not for long because the 111 back underneath him in turn 3! Jones has second now but white flag waving and still 4 turns left! The J17 had checked out now but as the 111 entered turn 1 the G17 comes from the very bottom to the very top!! Fito Gallardo with the slide job of the year but it won’t stick and the G17 blows the top line!! The 111 holds second now clean and the 99 of Terry Tipton coming out of nowhere into third as the field goes 3 wide into 3!! Jake Gallardo wins this one but at the line it’s the 111 of Bumper Jones holding onto finish a strong second. Terry Tipton with a great finish in this one as he snags third right out of thin air. The 18 of Zane Devilbiss led many laps tonight but sliding back to 4th as the bottom went away but a great top 4 from the 18 machine.

Jake Gallardo won the USRA Dirt Modified feature.

If you missed the action tonight then you better be ready to go again next weekend as the 305 winged Sprint cars rejoin us for some high flying, heart pounding, slide job bringing action! Gates open at 5:30 with racing at 7:45. Don’t be late and make sure to bring your friends.