Wofford’s Wax Away

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July 16, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

Lorne Wofford won the Border International 305 Winged Sprint Car feature. (Don Iverson Photo)
Lorne Wofford won the Border International 305 Winged Sprint Car feature. (Don Iverson Photo)

Border International Truck 305 winged sprint cars back in action at Southern New Mexico Speedway and it would be a wild one tonight! The USRA Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks, Jack Key Nissan Xmods, Shaw Trucking Late models, and claimers would also keep things interesting as they pushed the prime track conditions to the limit.

Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks took to the track first tonight for the A main feature of 15 laps. The 44Jt of Torres would have to go to the back after 1 complete for getting his nose guard ripped off in turn 3. After the restart it was the 07 of Donovan Flores getting back out front and steeping away from the field. Fireball Flores was absolutely untouchable tonight but it wasn’t for lack of trying from the field. After 4 laps the 0 of Lloyd Turner would shoot into second but be too far back from the 07 to make up really any ground. With only 5 to go the 07 was leading on cruise control and the 0 was giving it everything he had to get the up there and challenge. Lloyd Turner was a little faster but too much track distance as the ticker clicked 4 to go. Down to 2 to go and the 07 not in any danger of loosing this one but its dirt track racing and that isn’t how it always works because the caution would fly. A green, white, checkered was in order and the 0 wasn’t going to led Donovan get away that easy. Lloyd Turner would fall in line coming to the white and with one last lap attempt he would come up just short tonight. The 07 of Donovan Fireball Flores would go flag to flag in this one after a tough fight there. The 0 of Turner settling with second tonight as the 21z of Martin Robinson worked his way into top 3 positions.

The Jack Key Nissan Xmods would also go at it for 20 laps tonight but this one wouldn’t be quite as smooth as the stocks. The x15 of Rick Hall would jump to the early lead but two cautions in two laps would mean he had to do it three times before it finally stuck. Finally getting this one started and the x15 would lead all the way down to 15 to go when the 33 of Allen would come shooting in to make it a dog fight. With 10 in and 10 to go the x15 would still lead but 33 of Allen had not made it easy so far! Allen working the entire track to get to the front. Only 7 to go and the 33 using a lapper as a pick and straight to the lead!! The 2 of Jesse Haney now also there as the top 2 battled hard but trouble for the 33 as h goes up and over turn 3 just a little. Something getting tight on that 33 and the x15 right back to the front. A caution with 5 to go would give the field a chance at the x15 who had checked out but it wouldn’t matter because Rick Hall in the x15 would fight off a late effort from the 2, and at the checkered flag it was Rick Hall winning the Jack Key Nissan Xmods. The 93 of Gregory Gorham looked to be happy in third as they entered turn 3 on the last lap but out of 4 it was a different story as the 93 grabbed the grove and shot to second by a millisecond over the 2!! Jesse Haney with a tough third place tonight after Gorham came from way back to steal second away.

Rick Hall won the Jack Key Nissan X-Mod feature.

The Southwest Shaw Trucking Late Models getting going quickly tonight with the action. The 44 of Christie Barnett went straight to the front but the 22 of Jonathan Ortega was there almost instantly to give it a go. It was a 15 lapper tonight and it only took the 22 three laps to steal the lead right out from under the 44. Ortega looking too pull away but only 8 to go and the G17 Fito Gallardo is right on him after 2 laps of charging hard! The G17 all over the track to get the lead but inside wont work and outside he goes. High side rush from the G17 and they are door to door for almost 2 full laps! Only 5 laps left on the board and the G17 finally gets a little extra on the top! Fito Gallardo to the lead with 4 to go but lappers in the way tonight. The 22 would never get a chance to slide the G17 and as the final flag dropped it was the G17 of Fito Gallardo winning yet another Late Model main event at Southern New Mexico Speedway. Jonathan Ortega leading some laps tonight but wont stick enough as he finishes second.

Claimers might be the least expensive cars on the track but they put on a show tonight. The 037 of Leo Lamb would take the early lead over the 4 of Devan Smith and for the first 5 laps they would be almost bumper to bumper running it in hard. The 24 of Shane McNutt also there to challenge. Half way there and half way home the 4 would loose a hood clamp and the hood would come flying half way into the windshield! No way the 4 of Smith could see but holding onto second steady. The 037 would check out but the 24 charging to battle for second with 2 to go. The 037 of Leo Lamb would win this one with ease but the battle for second would go all the way down to the wire. The 4 not able to se coming out of turn 4 and going a little wide gives the second spot to the 24 of Shane McNutt by less than a nose! The 4 a tough third tonight after not being able to see forward.

Leo Lamb won the Claimer feature.

The support classes had concluded and the time had finally arrived. The 305 Winged Sprint cars could wait no longer! Some great action in the heat races tonight and starting on the front row was the Wofford Motorsports, father son duo of Wes #19 and Lorne Wofford #18. The front 2 would take off quick but the 12 of Mossier squeezing his way into the trio as well! Lorne Wofford going to the high side and the 12 with an attempt at a slide job!! Mossier with a sweet dig from the bottom but too much and over turn 2 he goes!! Mossier killing it over turn 2 and the yellow would fly. The 18 now leads the 19 and 22 of Justin Lassiter back to the green. A clean restart from the field and the 22 all over the 19 with the 131 of Royal Jones closing in as well! With 5 laps in and 20 to go the 19 had slightly reeled back in his dad as they both pulled from the field. But Wes pushing it to the limits out of 4 and almost loosing it! Had to have seen the others cars coming out him out the front there he was so backwards. Wofford saves it but big company now as the field is right on top of him. Justin Lassiter looking to make the most of the situation and slide job city into turn 1! Won’t happen there as Wes Wofford holds it wide open outside glide and barely squeezes y the 22. They had to b touching tires on the one. The 18 of Lorne Wofford meanwhile checking out up front. The 40x of Don Grable into 4th with 14 still to go! Good run from the 40x but even better run so far from the 20z of Rick Ziehl who has charged to the top 5 after starting 13th! The 20z making passes like utter but the top 2 way out. Into turn 1 with 12 to go and Wes looks low! It’ll stick this time but caution comes out before it gets all the way done! The 18 barely holding off the 19 in this one but both drivers having to give up a huge gap to third place of Justin Lassiter. A good restart for the top 2 once again but this time the 22 getting to anxious and over turn 2 he goes! Would have been the move of the night had it stuck but Justin Lassiter falling way back after that sweet attempt. The 20z into third now but not for long because here comes the 4 of Dylan Harris out of nowhere!! The 4 just rocketed out of turn 4 there to steal the position away but Ziehl never gives up and those two battle hard as the Wofford’s go slide city on each other up front. Rick Ziehl would clear the 4 with 9 to go but way back from the top 2 and a ton of ground to make up now. The 4 attached to him and they head for the bumper of the 19. The 18 sitting high all the way around but 19 looking low in turn 3 with 8 to go. It’s working but not enough to get it done yet on the exit. Only 6 laps left in this one and the 20z actually closing on the 19! Wofford loosing ground to the hard charger Rick Ziehl and Dylan Harris! Lorne Wofford way out front now as he cuts through lappers with 2 to go but the 19, 20z and 4 are going at it like cats and dogs for second! The 20z back in front of the 4 and to the bottom of 3 as they come to the white! The 20z has down low! Wofford standing on the gas once again and takes it back right before the white! The last lap Lorne Wofford way ahead and smooth sailing but Rick Ziehl not done trying for second! Wofford high side hustle in 2 like all night but not gonna let the 20z have the low line in 3 and 4 again. Lorne Wofford taking a win from the pole and Wes Wofford with a dogfight to the line holds off the 20z of Rick Ziehl to take second right behind his dad. The 20z of Rick Ziehl coming all the way from 13th to take third and definitely winning the hard charger award. Another great race from the Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint cars and a great night for Wofford Motorsports as they go 1 and 2.

If you missed out tonight then the next 2 weekends better be on your calendar because Next weekend we go racing with the USRA Modifieds and the weekend after that its 360 Sprint car night! Racing always starts at 7:45and gates will be open at 5:30.