MVT night at the races!

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June 25, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

Its MVT night at the races and the fireworks where incredible. Not only the fireworks in the sky but the ones on the track as well. The Southern New Mexico Speedway team brought one of the best fireworks shows in all of Las Cruces right to our backyard. The USRA modifieds would run it slick tonight as they where joined by the USRA Sun Valley hardware street stocks, Casa Nissan Legends cars, Peter Piper Pizza mini sprints and the Super trucks.

The Street stocks would have 20 laps tonight but it was the 64 of Javie Chavez leading lap 1 and every lap after that as well. The 0 of Lloyd Turner would move it down low all night long to try and sneak it in for the win but nothing could ever stick. The 21z of Robinson and 81 of McCutcheon would go door to door for third but the top two would gap them just enough. With 12 to go the top 5 would real it back together and be bumper to bumper all the way around. A caution would make things interesting after only 8 laps and it was the 21z on the move quickly. Some contact coming into turn 1 and the 21z would loop it around! The 74 of Josselyn had no where to go as the 21z spun but as he got on the brakes the 3 of Colorbio would drive right up on top of him. The 74 and 13 would continue but the 21z was done for the night. A clean restart would lead to some good racing and with 10 to go it was the Javie show up front. The 0 was close but another caution with 7 to go. Under this yellow the 74 and 88 would both be black flagged for rough driving and retaliation. Only 5 left and the 64 barely holding off the 0 now but nothing sticking yet for the 0. The 81 of McCutcheon fighting off the 13 Colorbrio as they come to the white but up front going flag to flag it was the 64 of Javie Chavez winning it all! The 0 of Lloyd Turner couldn’t quite get there tonight and second will have to do. The 81 of Kyle McCutcheon all the way into third.

It was only 12 laps for the Mini sprints tonight but that didn’t mean it wasn’t exciting. The 25 of Mike Marquez started on the pole but the 1 of Will Gonzalez didn’t plan on letting him finish there. Gonzalez took hos 1 machine to the front with 8 to go and never looked back. Will Gonzalez would run away with it after that as the 25 of Marquez fought for second over a hard charging 27 of Jeremy Stamper who finished in third.

Super Trucks had a full 15 laps tonight as the 6 of Walton Kyle Sr would lead the opening laps from the pole. It was the 44 of Christie Georges Barnett on the move up to second though a=until the caution flew with 11 to go. Under yellow the leader with major issues under the hood! His night would be done and the 44 would inherit the lead. The 98 of Rusty Bowen was second but not for long because the 82 of Sherman Barnett would charge from third and straight to the lead! He passed two cars in one turn and stole the lead right away. The Sherminator was on the gas for that pass but his wife the 44 not letting him go just yet! Sherm was on the gas and moving fast though because Christie could never catch him. The 44 would try as hard as she could but when the checkered flew it was the 82 of Sherman Barnett winning yet another Super truck main event. The 44 of Christi Barnett settling with second tonight as the 33 of Lloyd Duffey rounds out the top 3.

The Casa Nissan Legends would start out the race with a bang as the 1I would spin the 13 of McCutcheon in turn 1 and the 13 would go all the way to the rear for the full restart. On the restart the 85 of Jr Esquivel would shoot to the front and hold it for a few laps. The 85 would have to be getting after it though because lap 2 and the 11 of Lucas Ward would look to lead his first ever lap in the Legend! Ward would lead lap two with a nice little move out of 4 but on his bumper was the 13 of Wildman Kyle McCutcheon already into second!!! They don’t call him Wildman for no reason and it was the 13 leading lap 3! The 43 of Derek Demartino would move through the field now as he took it 3 wide into 3 for second and took it out of 4. The 43 would head for the lead and slide right under the 13 for the lead just like it was nothing! The 43 had the lead at the stripe but McCutcheon was charging back on the outside. A yellow would fly while things got interesting. The restart would cause some issue as the 43 rocketed away the 902 and 13 get together hard. Both drivers charging for the lead there and a cross up sends them both to the back for causing a yellow. Derek Demartino sitting pretty up front as the 13 and 902 go to the back. The 237 of Steven Arellano would get his way into second on the restart with 8 to go now. Only 7 left on the clock and the 13 back inside the top 5 already! The 43 would do the best he could to hold off the 237 but both of tem should have been checking the mirrors because 5 to go and the 13 would rocket into third. The 13 would get stalled in the line and have to run a train with the 43 and 237 but 3 to go and the top 3 are all rubbin bumpers. Great job from the 43 Demartino as he holds off two great competitors but as they come to the white the 43 has trouble!! The 43 having a major mechanical issue and rolling out of turn 4. Steven Arellano couldn’t make the move quick enough and taking the white flag was Kyle McCutcheon! He had a rough night after getting sent to the back twice but leading the most important lap of all and taking the checkered flag was the 13 of Wildman Kyle McCutcheon! Best race of the season yet again coming from the legends as the field was passin and gassin! The 237 of Steven Arellano is second tonight after a little bad luck and the 11 of Lucas Ward 3rd with Justin Lassiter finishing top 4 after just picking that car up this morning!

The USRA Modifieds had waited all night but the time was now. The J17 of Jake Gallardo started on the pole and would lead early but not without company as the 07 of Donovan Fireball Flores and the 131 of Royal Jones where hot on his trail. The 131 would glide his way into second after 2 but no chance to chase down the J17 yet because only 4 in and a big red flag would halt racing. The 187 of Anton Salopek and M16 of Rocko Gallardo both going around causing a major field pile up there. The field got pulled apart and only two drivers would have an end to their night. A clean restart would have the J17 and 131 pulling away as the G17 and 111 passes the 07 for third and fourth. Only 6 in with 24 to go and the 111 of Bumper Jones is right in the door of the G17 for third al the way around! Up front the 131 had finally caught the J17 but caution would fly before he could make it stick. Royal Jones with a good drive coming off of 4 closed that gap quickly. With 13 to got the G17 would finally get clear of the 131 into second and begin to chase down Jake who was trying to make a show of it. With 11 to go the 131 was closing back up on the Gallardo’s as the 07 was pulling them all back in! Still 8 to go and the J17 had caught lapped traffic but getting through clean so far. With 5 to go the G17 going in the wrong direction as the 131 gets by into second! Royal Jones on another late race charge for the win! G17 not done yet as the top 5 are all sliding it within spittin distance of each other. Jacob Gallardo must have checked his mirror though because as they come to the white he would pull away from the 131 just enough to breathe. Into turn 1 a wild spin from a lapped car would almost end the night for the J17 but he got around cleanly with some dodge and weave moves. The 131 would also get by the spun car but G17 with nowhere to go in the middle of the track and not so lucky for Fito Gallardo. Because the white flag had come out for more than half the field, and then the yellow flew, this race is completed the way they crossed the last time by. The J17 wins it going flag to flag with almost no opposition. Royal Jones was on another charge tonight as he brings it across the line in second. The 111 of Bumper Jones would squeeze back into the top 3 after the Gallardo spin.

If you missed the best fireworks show in Southern New Mexico tonight you better not miss the show next Friday night at Western Tech Speedway Park in El Paso as we go racing with the 305 Border International Winged Sprint Cars and fireworks show! If you cant make it out there then don’t worry you can join us right back here at the Southern New Mexico Speedway next Friday night. Gates will open at 5:30 with racing starting at 7:45! Don’t be late.