Wes Wofford lays down the rubber for Season Opener

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May 7, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

Well it was a long off-season but here we are again! It’s the Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint cars taking off to the races for the 2016 season and it was a full class tonight. Three heat races on the 305 class along with our 3 support classes of Street Stocks, X-mods, and claimers led to some good racing.

The Jack Key Auto X-Mods starting off the season opener for us tonight with their 20 lap main event. The Uno of Brian Klein was starting on the pole and looking strong for the first few laps but the 07 of Fireball Donovan Flores was chasing him down. As Flores would catch the Uno a lapped car would spin directly in front of them. Neither driver had anywhere to go and the leaders would both come to a stop. Flores would join the rear and continue but the night was over for Klein who was shaping up to put on a show. The X15 of Rick Hall would inherit the lead after the front 2 had their incident but on the restart could only hold it for a couple laps before the 9 of Jammin' Jimmy Ray would dive it down low and steal the lead away. The 52tx of Paddy Rush would also go around the x15 but Jimmy Ray was untouchable tonight. At the checkered the 9 would win way ahead but the 52tx of Rush barely holding off the 33 of Allen who charged late. The 7c Carney Sr. in fourth and Noah Hollingshead 5th. Donovan Flores would get all the way back to sixth after being in the very rear.

USRA Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks took to the speedway next as a full class of cars would bring us many winners from last season going toe-to-toe. It was 25 laps for 24 cars as the 11 of Cliff Everage would start on the pole. The top 5 would jostle around for a while with a few different leaders including the 0 of Turner and 21z of Morris. The 777 of Vargas had also come to play but a little trouble with the car would end his chances of victory. The 0 of Lloyd Turner would finally clear the lead and go way ahead but the field was charging behind him. The 21z was piloted by Mark Morris tonight who hasn’t raced since 2003! The 21z would spin all alone with 13 laps left but coming from the rear was no problem. The 44JT of Jaime Torres and the 74 of Jason Josselyn would also move through the field very quickly to battle for the lead. Little car stiffness for the 74 would cause him to fall off the pace just a little as the 44jt charged for the lead. The 44jt never could get all the way on the bumper of the 0 and after a hard and charging 25 laps it was the 0 of Lloyd Turner taking the win for the Sun Valley Hardware Street Stocks on the season opener at Southern New Mexico Speedway. After taking a year and a half off from racing for the birth of his son, former track champion Javie Chávez started 16th in the feature and battled his way forward to finish third.

Claimers where up next for a short 12 laps with only 11 cars. The 24 of Shane McNutt would start on the pole and dart out early just like he did in the heat race. The 4 of Devin would start in second and give the 24 a run for most of the night but with 3 to go disaster would strike the 4 as fluid was going everywhere from the underside of that car. After the 4 pulled off it was an all one-man show up front for Shane McNutt who put on the clinic tonight going flag to flag. The 05 of Aasa-boo Flores was second after sticking in there all-night and rounding out the podium was Jannah Gibson in the 13 car.

Support classes where complete and that meant only one thing. It was Border International Truck 305 winged sprint car time!!! A total of three heat races for these guys led to some good action throughout. The 19 Wes Wofford, the 40x Don Grable and the 18 of Lorne Wofford where the heat race winners. A redraw for starting spot would shake things up a bit and so the 9 of Robert Herrera would start on the pole with the 3D of Don Reynolds just to his outside. Both Wofford’s sitting in row two and a Wofford motorsports driver of Kyle McCutcheon inside row 3 in the 22 machine. Don Grable starting out 7th but wasting no time. It was a clean start at the cone but into turn 1 we had a completely different story. The 9 of Herrera would spin from the lead and it looked like he would collect the whole field. But quick moves from both Wofford’s and the 40xof Grable would mean only the 3D of Reynolds got caught up there. With both of the front row drivers having to go to the rear it would be Wes Wofford down low and Lorne Wofford up high on the restart. The father son duo had done that many times and on the restart it was like magic at work. Both drivers away clean but the 22 of McCutcheon not gonna let 'em get away that easy. He pushes it up high coming out of turn 2! The 18 would dive underneath him and take second back into turn 3. Meanwhile Wes Wofford was looking to check out already. From that moment on it was the Wes Wofford show no doubt about it. The 40x would come to challenge the 18 more than a few times and so did the rest of the pack but Lorne Wofford would fend off every attack like a seasoned veteran all while trying to chase down Wes. A few cautions would allow the field another shot at the Wofford Motorsports crew but it was to no avail because at the checkered leading all 25 laps and going green to checkered, flag to flag for the first time in 2016, it was the 19 of Wes Wofford!! Lorne Wofford fending off more than a few attacks from the field to take home second and the 40x of Grable settling with a third tonight. The 48 of Sean Sander had made his way into third a couple of times but it was the 40x beating him for it tonight and Sander will have to be happy with a 4th. Kyle McCutcheon rounding out your top 5 in the season opener for the Border International Truck 305 Winged Sprint cars!!

If you missed all the action tonight make sure you make it out next week as we go racing again!!
Gates open at 5:30 with racing at 7:45! We’ll be makin dust in the desert all night long so don’t be late!